SPI 2016 - Unirac, Inc. to Unveil New Products to the ROOFMOUNT Product Portfolio - RM5 and RMDT at the 2016 Solar Power International Trade Show

Unirac is excited to announce the expansion of our ROOFMOUNT product line, to include a 5 DEGREE (RM5) and 8 DEGREE DUAL TILT (RMDT) option. Unirac's flat roof commercial products are designed to maximize profitability at every step.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Sept. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Unirac, Inc., a leading manufacturer in the solar industry, provides innovative solutions for PV racking. Unirac is excited to announce the expansion of our ROOFMOUNT product line, to include a 5 DEGREE (RM5) and 8 DEGREE DUAL TILT (RMDT) option. Unirac's flat roof commercial products are designed to maximize profitability at every step.

"The addition of RM5 and RMDT to our ROOFMOUNT product line gives our customers more options for density and tilt, enabling better optimization of energy production. Feature such as single tool installation and improved wire management options save time and money on the roof, while our more compact packaging lowers freights costs. We have designed the ROOFMOUNT product line to improve our customer's profitability at every step of the project installation process," states Bill Vaught, Product Manager of ROOFMOUNT (Large Commercial) at Unirac, Inc.

Unirac's RM5 system provides unsurpassed adaptability and layout flexibility with 5 degree tilt. Row spacing options of 7.5 IN. or 11 IN. give you the ability to maximize array layout and increase project energy production. Wind deflectors provide ballast reduction and fire mitigation to reduce overall system weight on the roof to meet a variety of project requirements.

Unirac's RMDT system maximizes energy density, with 8 degree dual tilt, allowing up to 33% more modules on the roof. The elimination of wind deflectors and fire skirts reduces part count and streamlines the system installation.

Both RM5 & RMDT are designed with the installer in mind, and lead the industry with:

G235 steel, double the corrosion protection of other racking products
Place panel, then clamp for single person module installation
Integrated bonding with single tool, hassle-free installation
Simplified wiring with Unirac's RM wire management clips
MLPE mount for microinverters and power optimizers
Optional roof attachments to meet site-specific requirements
Ship up to 1 MW per truck with compact packaging
Unirac's team of technical experts customize quotes to achieve the lowest total installed project cost. Permitting is made easy with Unirac's UL2703 certified documents, stamped PE letters, construction drawings and AHJ outreach program. Rapid installation is achieved with a single tool, integrated bonding, and Unirac wire management clips to simplify procedures at every step.

Unirac's ROOFMOUNT product line has the fastest delivery in the commercial PV racking industry, with two-week lead times from our factory and immediate deployment through our nationwide distribution network.

Unirac's world class U-Builder seamlessly integrates with HelioScope to allow users to quickly obtain row-by-row designs with ballast distribution maps; generate site specific engineering reports and access CAD files for construction drawing development.

"The ROOFMOUNT suite of products scale effectively for any commercial project size. Its reduced part count and rapid installation make it perfect for both large & small commercial projects. RM is supported by the largest nationwide distribution network in the commercial roof market." states Ernie Hood, Senior Product Manager of ROOFMOUNT (Small Commercial) for Unirac, Inc.

About Unirac:
Unirac provides innovative solutions for PV racking. Recognized for our excellence in product development, Unirac develops progressive residential, commercial and utility scale mounting solutions tailored for performance. Our high quality, competitively priced products are enhanced by responsive customer support, integrated technology solutions, robust engineering services, certified quality, and supply chain excellence. With over 15 years of customer service, Unirac is fast approaching 5GW of experience with more than 500,000 installations worth of knowledge. Partnering with Unirac leverages experience that makes a difference. For more information, visit www.unirac.com.

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