How Churches and Community Organizations Can Use Solar Generators

Often, solar generators are considered only as items for backcountry survivalists, but solar power's use extends so much further. Here, we discuss why churches and other community organizations should consider purchasing a solar generator.

If a natural or man-made disaster were to occur, churches are a natural meeting place and shelter within the community not only because of their spiritual meaning, but pragmatically, because they tend to be large buildings with the capacity to temporarily house large groups of people. Having that many people makes power a necessity, and if the grid goes down, a solar generator can help supply much-needed backup power, if a gasoline generator or fuel to power it becomes unavailable. Think of what a great outreach opportunity it would be to meet people in a time of their deepest need with the necessities of light, communications, food, and comfortable shelter.

With conventional power rates fluctuating so frequently, it can be challenging for institutions that rely on donations such as churches to budget effectively. Because solar generators use only a resource that isn't going anywhere -- the sun -- they are a source of sustainable power. Even if the donations in the offering plates dwindle, investing now in a solar generator can help address future concerns.

Churches have a long history of seeking to be good stewards of the resources they are given, and one way to do that is to avoid unnecessary damage to the air quality by extraneous use of fossil fuels. Solar power is a safe, reliable, and eco-friendly power source.

Give us a call today! Alternative Energy, Inc. is a member of the local business community, but has worked on international projects in remote areas of the world. We supply American-made solar power generators - no noise, no fuel and no fumes. Learn more here on our website, and give us a call at 484-593-4262 to discuss solar power options that might be right for you or your church. Ask about our discount program for churches and certified non-profits.

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