Powerstorm Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) Provides Update on Company Progress and the Development of Their zeroXess Technology

The company continues to feverishly build their complete, next-generation, renewable, solar-powered energy storage and communication system for rural, off-grid homes in emerging markets.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - October 12, 2016. A company's mission success is often gaged by its reaching a series of milestones set in time. Industry and technology leader Powerstorm ESS continues to successfully meet the milestones they have set for themselves, in preparation to launch their much-anticipated zeroXess system.

zeroXess will provide electricity, lighting and Internet connectivity to the homes of poor families living in underdeveloped countries (i.e., Africa, Asia and India). The company's belief: "Electrification powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. Knowledge powers social and economic progress." zeroXess is being designed and developed as a limitless global content platform, that the company will aggressively seek to implement accessibility to in the following immediate areas: e-Learning, m-Health, Clean Cooking and Indoor Air Quality Sensing. zeroXess is uniquely positioned to accelerate knowledge and make a high impact in emerging markets.

To gear up for the challenges, as well as the humanitarian and business opportunities that lie ahead, Powerstorm ESS continues to secure access for funding through strategic, transformational partnerships with mobile network operators, non-profit organizations, corporations and foundations. So far the company has raised 1 million dollars and is on a path toward significant growth.

Powerstorm ESS is also in final negotiations with the largest telecom tower operator in Africa, who sees tremendous high demand markets in areas such as Nigeria, Kenya, Libya, Eritrea, Tanzania, to name a few. Additionally, the company has created a new, more powerful and informative website that focuses on zeroXess and the huge opportunity it presents for those determined to come together and invest in the poorest markets - a multibillion-dollar industry.

Mike Freni, CEO and Chairman of Powerstorm ESS states: "It has always been my belief that success doesn't stop at the border; it starts by crossing it. I see an immediate and exciting opportunity to expand our service areas in developing markets and beyond. And for the organizations and individuals that join with us and follow our lead, there will be enormous business benefits and profits to be gained, enhancing their own prosperity in the process."

He continues: "It's time we focus on improving the conditions of people everywhere…together we can make a world of difference in the lives of others and do so profitably."

About Powerstorm ESS

Powerstorm ESS designs and develops complete, next-generation, renewable, solar-powered energy storage and communication systems for rural, off-grid homes in emerging markets. Our company utilizes innovative materials, in combination with our low-cost, high-performance, cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries to provide electricity, lighting and Internet connectivity.

Best described as a limitless global content platform, our system zeroXess will change the way the world tackles energy poverty beyond powering cell phones, LED fixtures and other connected devices. It will extend features previously unavailable due to the lack of infrastructure like connectivity, television, radio and indoor air quality sensing. A cloud-based solution, zeroXess will also enable e-Learning and m-Health to the poorest nations. Our company belief: "Electrification powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. Knowledge powers social and economic progress."

The foundational and disruptive technology from Powerstorm ESS is protected with several patents pending. For more information on our company, as well as our energy storage and communication solutions, visit www.zeroxess.com.

Contact Information:
Christine Spisto, VP of Marketing Communications/PR
Powerstorm Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)
(424) 327-2991

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