New products in focus at the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2016: The trade fair is a reflection of the growing dynamic of carbon-free storage and drive technologies

Exhibitors and conference participants looking towards 2017 with great confidence. The international industry event WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2016 showed a number of new products. Manufacturers benefit from the positive signals received from policymakers and the economy.

Exhibitors and conference participants looking towards 2017 with great confidence. The international industry event WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2016 showed a number of new products. Manufacturers benefit from the positive signals received from policymakers and the economy.

In terms of the technology agenda, the current discussion regarding an EU-wide registration limit for conventionally powered automobiles provided the impetus for the discussion group members (which represented the areas of politics, business, and research) to place the transition of transportation on the same level as the energy transition. With new products and best-practice projects from Europe, Asia, and North America, the international industry event highlighted the market readiness of emission-free storage, energy and drive technologies.

"The hydrogen and f-cell technology is a true forward-looking technology," stated Franz Untersteller, Minister for Environment, Climate, and Energy. Hydrogen as a storage medium and a fuel has many advantages: "It protects our natural resources, can be produced renewably and therefore can be used in a climate-friendly manner without producing any harmful emissions. It can also be integrated into the decentralized energy structures, combined with a high value creation and many new jobs in Germany. As an important component of the energy and transport transition, hydrogen technology now has the opportunity to take the next step from research into industrial application."

German-American R&D cooperation for hydrogen technology launched
The world's two largest institutions for applied research of renewable energies - the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL of the U.S. Department of Energy - signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the start of the comprehensive collaboration in the research and development of hydrogen and f-cell technologies. The fields of collaboration are, among others, hydrogen infrastructures and electrolysis as well as the integration of hydrogen systems in the energy networks.

This is what exhibitors are saying about the
"The f-cell is a very important event for us. Every year, we conduct many excellent discussions here. The contacts are mostly high quality, among them many are from Asia. The WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS conference attracts a perceptible international audience and we were able to set up numerous appointments in advance of the event. In Europe, we are therefore focusing on the f-cell exhibition as well as the Hanover trade fair." Dr. Joachim Kroemer, Head of Sales, BORIT NV, Wolfratshausen

"We really enjoy coming to Stuttgart, because Germany as well as Japan represent one of the world's largest markets for f-cell activities. We founded our company with the goal of reducing the use of platinum in catalytic converters and completely replacing the use of precious metals in order to fundamentally change the economic framework of the f-cell technology. Our products reduce the required amount of platinum to a high degree and we will eventually completely replace platinum, which will also significantly reduce the costs." Thomas J. Stephenson, CEO Pajarito Powder Fuel Cell Catalysts, Albuquerque, USA

"We are very satisfied with the trade fair. Lots of very interesting companies contacted us with very specific projects. On Monday, the trade fair activity picked up with good contacts; we conducted a lot more promising discussions than originally expected." Patrick Louazel, Stäubli International AG, Chambéry, France

October 2017: EVS30 in Stuttgart
In October 2017 the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS and the EVS30 - the 30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition - will complement each other. The energy-economical dimensions of energy transition will thereby be complemented by the EVS30, the largest international event for e-mobility. The topics of focus of the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2017 include the intelligent sector coupling of heat, electricity and transport as well as the stationary storage of renewable energy through hydrogen, battery and fuel cell technologies and the electrification of ship and aircraft drives as well as trains (without overhead lines).

The WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS event association brings the potentials and networks of the leading international companies to Stuttgart. The focus of the event is the convergence of power generation, storage systems and mobility solutions as well as the services and technologies related to the segments battery, hydrogen, and f-cell applications.

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