SAROS Team Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Further Research for Wave-Powered Desalination System

SAROS buoys harness wave power to provide an eco-friendly desalination alternative to get clean water delivered to communities that need it most

The SAROS desalination team launched their Indiegogo campaign today and is looking to raise a total of $25K to help further their research in a collaborative effort with other researchers, organizations and strategic partners. Swell Actuated Reverse Osmosis System (SAROS) is creating and testing a seawater desalination system that is powered solely by ocean waves.

Typical desalination processes can be taxing on the environment, especially coastal communities. SAROS uses clean, renewable wave energy and takes a distributed approach to generate a communitys water supply. Unlike traditional methods that require immense amounts of power, typically generated by burning fuel oil, SAROS produces zero emissions and minimal salt brine concentration.
"SAROS is different because, by using it, we can cut the cost currently associated with producing fresh water in half," said SAROS Director of Research & Development Chris Matthews. "By utilizing only the energy within ocean waves to power the desalination process, SAROS eliminates the need for fossil fuel and electricity. After hearing about the statistics year after year, we believe its time that everyone has access to affordable, clean water."
SAROS wave-powered technology is not limited to solely creating clean water. The innovative technology used in SAROS could also be configured to do things like generate electricity, autonomously pump water to clean up oil spills and even filter plastic from the ocean. SAROS was also named a finalist at the 2016 Savannah Ocean Exchange to present their sustainable water innovation in November.
While SAROS is seeking collaborative efforts with other researchers, organizations and strategic partners to further advance their program, people can also show their support and contribute to the SAROS campaign on Indiegogo. For more information about SAROS and how to help the cause, visit
Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, SAROS is creating and testing a wave-driven, seawater desalination system, with minimal operational carbon footprint, that is powered solely by ocean waves. The company aims to utilize renewable resources to provide inexpensive, clean water to developing coastal regions that are looking for sustainable desalination solutions as well as communities that are struck by natural disasters. For more information, visit

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