Greenspot Selects Jersey City for Curbside Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations and EV Car Sharing Program

Greenspot, a company that develops electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in urban cities and for municipalities, has introduced curbside EV charging stations and EV car sharing in Jersey City, NJ.

JERSEY CITY - Greenspot, a company that develops electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in urban cities and for municipalities, has introduced curbside EV charging stations and EV car sharing in Jersey City, NJ.

Identifying Jersey City as an appropriate match for its profile, Greenspot has unveiled 10 curbside EV charging stations with 19 arms in the City's downtown Powerhouse Arts District. The charging stations - one of which is a DC Supercharger capable of providing an 80% charge on a typical sedan in about 30 minutes - are some of the first to be offered curbside in an urban setting, placing Jersey City at the forefront of the movement towards eco-friendly travel.

Greenspot has also brought EV car sharing to Jersey City through a partnership with Maven™, General Motors' personal mobility brand. Jersey City represents the first Maven City car sharing presence in the New York Metropolitan area. Available to members will be the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can be reserved through the Maven mobile app.

The recent actions reflect Greenspot's vision of developing car charging infrastructure in urban cities across the United States in order to accelerate EV ownership and usage for both municipalities and individuals. Greenspot's development of charging station infrastructure will allow municipalities to convert from gas-powered to EV fleets, as well as create the foundation for one-way EV car sharing and accommodate future self-driving vehicles.

"We understand that urban mobility will be experiencing substantial transformation in the next decade," said Eyal Shuster, a third-generation automotive industry veteran and real estate developer who founded Greenspot. "We need to decrease the amount of cars on the road and reduce CO2 emissions. The best way to address these concerns is by accelerating electric vehicle adoption in the United States. We commend Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop for embracing this technology and supporting a reduced carbon footprint and a more sustainable environment."

"I'm proud that Jersey City is at the forefront of implementing innovations in both green technology infrastructure and urban mobility," said Mayor Steven Fulop. "Electric vehicles are the future, but only if we take the proactive steps now to build out the infrastructure in order to make that future possible."

The new EV charging stations are located outside The Oakman at 160 1st Street and The Art House at 148 1st Street and are fully operational and ready for public use. The Maven™ EV cars can be reserved by downloading the Maven ™ mobile app at and selecting Jersey City as a location.


Founded in 2014 by The Shuster Group, Greenspot offers sustainable urban mobility solutions by building electric charging station infrastructure that:

1. Allows municipalities to convert from gas-powered to electric vehicle (EV) fleets;
2. Encourages and promotes EV ownership for the public;
3. Strategically places the foundation for a one-way EV car sharing system (like citywide bike sharing programs);
4. Will accommodate future self-driving vehicles in urban cities and municipalities across The United States.

Greenspot aims to complement and offer an alternative to public transportation and create a foundation for EV car sharing that can be integrated with governmental transportation initiatives to yield meaningful environmental, sustainable and financial benefits. More information can be found on the Company's website at

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