EXERGY achieves new record in Turkey

Five geothermal units obtain Ministry Acceptance in 5 days

Olgiate Olona, 17 November 2016, - EXERGY proves once again top performances in the Turkish market. The Italian leader in the design and manufacturing of Organic Rankine Cycle systems with its pioneering Radial Outflow Turbine technology has worked alongside their customers to obtain Ministry Acceptance for five different geothermal units in five days.

During the last week of October the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has declared that:

- Kubilay I 24 MWe unit for the client Bestepeler Enerji Üretim Ticaret A.s
- Mehmet Han 25 MWe unit for the client Kipaş Holding
- Ken Kipas 3 25 MWe unit for the client Kipaş Holding
- Umurlu II 12 MWe unit for the client Karadeniz Holding
- Sultanhisar I 14 MWe unit for the client Celikler Holding

all meet the required performance targets and can therefore obtain the national Feed In Tariff starting from January 2017.

Among the five units EXERGY delivered a total of 10 Radial Outflow Turbines which have all received the Made in Turkey certificate and will therefore provide their operators with an additional incentive over the standard Feed In Tariff rate.
The five units will generate a total of 110 MWe to be delivered as renewable energy to the Turkish grid.

EXERGY team has supported and successfully partnered its clients through the entire procedure towards ministry acceptance, fulfilling all the technical parameters requested for the acceptance, and therefore allowing each customer to increase revenues and profitability of the plants.
In the same period EXERGY has also obtained the Made in Turkey certificate for four Radial Outflow Turbines delivered to Kemaliye Alaşehir 12 MWe units 1&2.

EXERGY's CEO, Claudio Spadacini commented on this achievement: "EXERGY has proved to be an expert and prepared partner that can offer complete and resilient support. We have managed to obtain the acceptance for all the five units in just one week, this record demonstrates our team work and efficient and prompt collaboration with our local clients. We are proud of this success and ready to tackle new challenges and achieve new goals.

Sara Milanesi - Marketing & Communications Manager
Tel. +39 0331 1817620 - s.milanesi@exergy.it

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