Vision Solar And Zing Solar Announce Merger And Form Newly Named ION Solar

Today's merger of two of the largest residential rooftop solar installers also results in one of the nation's largest privately held residential solar companies.

PROVO, Utah, Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Vision Solar, one of the nation's fastest growing residential solar installers, and Zing Solar, an established residential solar leader in the southwestern United States, announced today a merger of the two companies. The combined entity will be named ION Solar.

Today's merger of two of the largest residential rooftop solar installers also results in one of the nation's largest privately held residential solar companies.

"Homeowners will benefit as ION Solar realizes significant economies of scale, reducing equipment and operational costs, and giving homeowners access to additional financing and enhanced solar options," said Matt Rasmussen, CEO of Vision Solar. "There's an excitement and enthusiasm here that's not only contagious, it's very fulfilling. We're doing great things and the coming together of two incredible solar companies, hundreds of passionate team members, and thousands of solar customers strengthens our ability to positively impact the environment with clean solar energy," Matt continued.

The merger will be completed before year-end allowing for dramatic growth initiatives to launch with the new year.

"Zing Solar and Vision Solar have always shared a singular vision that's been evident in the record growth of our two companies and the thousands of satisfied families who've switched to solar, lowered their bills, and reduced their carbon footprint," said Jimmy Slemboski, President of Zing Solar. "The triple-digit growth we've experienced since inception at Zing has been continued validation that homeowners want the highest-quality equipment on their home when they choose solar and they value a sincere, personal approach to their customer service experience. Vision has always mirrored that attention to detail, quality, transparency, and loyalty to customers. The compounding effects of unifying our amazing people as ION Solar is something we're all very excited about," Jimmy continued.

Additionally, each company has developed significant market differentiators including streamlined field operations, rigid quality control practices, and forward thinking customer service techniques.

ION Solar is now positioned for rapid expansion across strategic markets. With current operations in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, New Jersey, and it's home state of Utah, ION Solar will immediately become a top-ten solar installer and continue bringing low-cost renewable energy and beautiful solar installations to homeowners across the country.

About Vision Solar
Vision Solar is one of the nation's fastest growing, full-service residential solar installers with offices in six states nationwide. As a full-service solar company Vision Solar handles the entire process from start to finish. Homeowners receive a custom-designed, top-tier solar system that is unique to their home and energy needs. In just a few short years Vision Solar has grown into the top 15 nationwide of all residential solar installers.

About Zing Solar
Headquartered in Utah, Zing has spread solar throughout the southwestern United States. With a focus on high-quality, affordable solar systems, Zing has helped reduce customers' cost of power, improve the quality of life for thousands, and improve the environment for all of us.

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