Energy Toolbase Integrates with Industry-Leading Solar System Design Platform HelioScope

Collaboration Enables Solar Developers to Seamlessly Utilize both Software Products for Solar System Layout Designs, Engineering, Production Modeling, Utility Rate, Avoided Cost, Financial Analysis and Proposals

SAN FRANCISCO, California --- Energy Toolbase announces today that they have gone live on their integration with HelioScope by Folsom Labs, the industry-leading solar photovoltaic (PV) system design tool that integrates system layout and performance modeling to simplify the process of engineering and selling solar projects. This integration allows users to fully leverage both best-in-class software tools in conjunction with one another, for their solar project development activities.

HelioScope specializes in advanced system design, system layout, engineering and performance modeling of solar PV projects. The widely used software program enables solar installers and developers to make fast site evaluation and powerful value engineering decisions. The Energy Toolbase platform specializes in utility rate analysis, avoided cost analysis, and financial analysis of solar and energy storage projects. The software-as-a-service product enables solar installers and developers to model, optimize and propose the economics of distributed energy projects.

"Many solar developers want to leverage best-in-class software applications for each function," said Paul Grana, Co-founder of Folsom Labs. "This integration is targeted specifically for those users, enabling them to utilize two very powerful and rigorous tools as they develop high-quality designs and proposals for residential and commercial customers."

"We've heard great things from our users about the HelioScope product for a couple years now" said John Gurski, Founder and CEO of Energy Toolbase. "Their product is complimentary with ours and we have a lot of overlap with our respective user-bases. Hence we wanted to create a simple, integrated user experience for users to use both applications in conjunction with one another."

The integration enables Energy Toolbase users to import solar PV designs, 8760 production data, layout images and equipment from Folsom Labs' HelioScope product with one click. Users of this integration will need both a HelioScope account and an Energy Toolbase account. Register to see a webinar the companies are co-hosting on March 29th to demonstrate their newly launched integration.


About Energy Toolbase:
Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform for modeling and proposing the economics of solar PV and energy storage projects. Several hundred renewable energy organizations nationwide use the software-as-a-service product to accurately, objectively and transparently analyze their projects and create customer facing proposals. To request a free trial, visit:

About Folsom Labs:
Folsom Labs develops HelioScope, an advanced solar PV design & sales tool. HelioScope simplifies the process of engineering and selling solar projects by integrating easy layout tools with bankable performance modeling. HelioScope offers CAD-caliber layouts, remote shade analysis, and bankable energy yield calculations. The product allows anyone to generate world-class solar layouts and performance estimates. For more information and a 30-day free trial, visit:

Media contacts:
Adam Gerza
Energy Toolbase

Paul Grana
Folsom Labs

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