Thinking Outside the Frame: Timber Framing Combined with Solar at New Energy Works Timberframers Design Week Portland Event

During their Design Week Portland Event on April 26, 2017, New Energy Works will meld traditional timber framing with modern solar technology to create a multi-use shelter.

New Energy Works Timberframers is hosting a Design Week Portland Event to share and celebrate the craft of timber framing in combination with modern solar technology. The event will take place on April 26, 2017 from 2pm to 4pm at the companys Portland Design Studio on SE 6th Ave. They will craft a multi-purpose, modern timber frame structure, which will be topped with solar panels by Synchro Solar.

New Energy Works craftsmen will hand-craft Douglas fir timbers live at the event. The resulting timber shelter can be capped with solar panels, recycled metal, and more. "We like this project as an energy producer, gathering spot, and outdoor storage space. The uses are nearly limitless," explains Jonathan Orpin, Founder and President of New Energy Works.
While steeped in tradition, timber framing is a highly versatile construction method in which modern technology plays a large role at New Energy Works. Their timber frame craftsmen, timber engineers, and designers will be on-hand to share their knowledge along with local solar energy solutions company, Synchro Solar, during the event.
"A community talk on working with heavy timber as a structural and design element in the sustainable building industry - Im in!" confirmed Orpin.
All registration fees the company receives will be added to a lump sum donated in full to Community Energy Project in Portland, OR. The New Energy Works Design Studio is located at 2609 SE 6th Ave in Portland. The event will be held in an outdoor lot adjacent to the Design Studio (look for signs/activity) with access to the studio space as well. Street parking is available. Visit the DWP Open House page for more details.
About DWP:
Design Week Portland is a week-long, city-wide series of programs exploring the process, craft, and practice of design across all disciplines. Our mission is to increase appreciation and awareness about design and its far-reaching effects on matters of cultural and social relevance, including community development, education systems, and the economy.
About Community Energy Project:
Community Energy Project empowers people, one home at a time. With hundreds of trained volunteers, they reach low-income households, providing life-changing services to thousands of diverse clients. They offer free community workshops that teach practical skills to make homes safer and more energy efficient as well as in-home services to weatherize and repair homes for people in need.
About Synchro Solar:
Synchro Solar is a locally-owned, full service solar energy contractor serving Oregon and Southwest Washington that specializes in the design and installation of completely custom solar electric and solar water heating systems. At Synchro Solar, they're in the business of honesty, accuracy, and sustainability. They are built on experience and lead with change. Create Positive Energy.
About New Energy Works Timberframers:
New Energy Works Timberframers have been designing and building environmentally responsible timber frames across the USA for more than 30 years from their facilities in Oregon and New York. Offerings include: Timber Framing (design, engineering, manufacturing, and build), Enclosure Systems, Fine Woodworking, and Recycled and Sustainable wood products. New Energy Works has LEED AP staff members, is a member of the US Green Building Council, and is FSC-certified

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