Arbox Renewable Energy announces the launch of Hap® 1.0

Arbox Renewable Energy announced the release of its end-to-end asset management platform Hap®.

Arbox is an innovative clean-tech company that develops new technologies to solve problems in the renewable energy sector. Arbox Hap® is a software platform designed to help renewable energy organizations manage their development pipeline and portfolio of operating assets. These companies build and manage energy plants powered by solar and wind.

Founder & president of Arbox, Farid, says "we are excited to launch our platform and address some gaps that currently exist in the current market place in terms of software offerings. Our mission is to help our customers make data driven decisions through our platform".

For some energy sources like solar, 2016 was a record year for investment and installations. As the pipeline of new and operating projects grows, this industry faces unique challenges in keeping their assets running smoothly and cost-effectively. Arbox Hap is designed to help ease this burden by tracking all project information, throughout its lifespan of finance, EPC & O&M, all in one place. This makes it easier for the stakeholders involved in these projects to find the information they care about, make smart decisions and earn a healthy return from their sustainable investment.

For industry insiders who are interested in learning more about Arbox Hap, they can reach out to 1 (888)-221-5644 or browse to

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