Global Bio-economy Players Convene in Bangkok for 6th Biobased Chemicals and Plastics

Asia's feedstock abundance to fuel its rapidly growing biochemical and bioplastics industry as well as the region's commitment towards circular economy brings CMT's 6th Biobased Chemicals and Plastics to Bangkok on 19-22 June.

Inspired by continued capacity additions and investments in biochemical and bioplastics industry in Asia, especially with Thailand announcing the 10-year bio-economy scheme, 6th Biobased Chemicals and Plastics summit taking place on 19-22 June presents two dedicated tracks - 7th Biobased Chem Asia and 11th Bioplastics Markets.

7th Biobased Chem Asia welcomes PTT Global Chemical as a key speaker with Dr. Chaya Chandavasu, Senior VP - Science & Innovation sharing the group's biochemical plan - with focus on its upcoming biochemical hub in Thailand. Also speaking is Reliance Industries' Dr. Vidhya Rangaswamy, VP presenting on ChemBio Route to Produce 1, 3-Butadiene from Sugars. The biochemical market discussions are further enriched with a session on ‘Bio-MEG - A growth driver for Bio-PET segment' by Rajesh Marwaha, SBU Head (International Business), India Glycols and paper on Feedstocks for Biobased Chemicals: Which will be Competitive? by Henna Poikolainen, Senior Consultant, Pöyry Management Consulting.

11th Bioplastics Markets track is led by 2 key players -Natur-Tec and Total Corbion - each presenting opportunities in two major markets - India and China respectively. Dr. Sunder Balakrishnan, Director, Natur-Tec shares the ‘Market Demand for Bioplastics in India' - as several Indian cities have banned the use of plastic bags - presenting a big opportunity for bioplastics producers. Dr. Jim Jem, Greater China GM, Total Corbion provides details of China's Emerging PLA production and how China's corn surplus presents a business opportunity for the bioplastics market. He also talks about Total Corbion's PLA venture in Thailand. Finally, bioplastics producer - NatureWorks' APAC Commercial Director - Ian Toh shares details of the ‘Role of Bioplastics in the New Plastics Economy', and one of the largest end users - Nestle's Head of Packaging - Ms. Kasma Torrarit showcases ‘Nestle's Packaging Innovation and Materials Optimisation'.

Other key discussions at the summit are:
• Bio Propylene Market and Supply/Demand Outlook - Toyota Tsusho
• Biobased Chemicals in Asia: Opportunities and Trends - Nexant Asia
• Latest Production of CO2-based Polyols Building Block - Covestro Polymers
• Latest E-Certification to Monitor Bio-based Materials in the Chemical Industry - Advanced Biochemical Thailand
• Thailand Bioeconomy& Bioplastics Development: Implication - Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA)
• Asian Markets for Biobased Chemical Building Blocks and Polymers - Wobaltexpedition Consultancy
• Availability and Prospects of Cassava for Bioplastics Production - Enviplast
• Strategies and Sources to Attract Private Equity for Bio-Based Projects - Capricorn Venture Partners
• PEF Polymer and PEF Film - 100% Biobased Gas Barrier Material - Toyobo Co.
• Prospect of Bamboo Fiber-PP Composites for Automotive & Construction Applications - Kasetsart University
• Latest PBAT Trends and Application in Courier Delivery - JinHui ZhaoLong High Technology Co.
• BioPBS Drop in Polymer Applications Growth Potential - PTT MCC Biochem Co.
• Packaging Material, Recycling Potential and End of Life Options - Total Corbion PLA

Organizer Centre for Management Technology has also added a Site Visit to Total Corbion PLA plant in Thailand on 22 June.

Contact Ms. Grace Oh at or +65 6346 9147 for more details.

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