DCE Solar Launches New Quality Installer Program

Professional Installer Network to Bring Consistency and Confidence to Solar Installations

"One of the best ways to ensure the optimum performance of any solar array is through correct, professional installation," says Bill Taylor, CEO for DCE Solar. "If you have a top-quality system that's poorly installed, low energy yield, increased maintenance, and other issues are more likely. That's why we've designed our products to be simple to install effectively - but it's a huge advantage to have a smart, experienced, professional team working on the install. That's why we established our Quality Installer Program"

The established solar racking manufacturer's program is the first of its kind in the industry. To be a Quality Installer for DCE Solar, the firm must have previous experience working with DCE Solar products, and completed enough projects to account for this status. DCE Solar provides their Quality Installer seal of approval for ground-mount installations, roof-mount installations, or all types of installations - as appropriate for each installer. The company also features a listing of Quality Installers on its website https://www.dcesolar.com/installers that end-users and property owners may use to find an installer in their areas.

"We wanted to eliminate the guesswork for those just getting started with a solar installation project," continues Taylor. "Confidence in both the product and the people implementing it is what moves solar energy forward. We're providing a direct route to value that enhances the return on investment for solar installations from day one."

As the spread of clean, renewable energy continues to progress, the discussion regarding value is evolving. Quality is becoming an increasingly important benchmark for those considering installing a solar array, as opposed to pricing alone. The reasons behind this are simple: quality systems are often simpler and faster to install, have demonstrably lower maintenance costs over time, and can yield better performance over a longer lifespan. When the costs of "discount" and "bargain" priced systems are calculated across all these standards, the value delivered by quality professional systems is hard to deny.

This has been the guiding principle behind DCE Solar's manufacturing of commercial-grade and industrial-grade racking systems. Their ground and roof mounted systems are frequently regarded among the industry's top-quality racking choices. In expanding the standard of quality to now also apply to installation teams, the company is making a powerful commitment to the safe, reliable, expansion of solar energy now and in the future.

"Performance is simply non-negotiable when you're investing in solar energy," Taylor adds. "Systems need to work correctly - or even better than expected - throughout that installation's lifespan. Delivering on that promise is essential to our mission of Elevating the Future of Solar. Our hope is that our Quality Installer network becomes an industry-wide standard that reinforces the need and inherent value that quality products and professional people bring to the field."


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