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SAN FRANCISCO, July 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SolarRoofHook is excited to be introducing our NEW Low Profile QuickBOLT for Asphalt Shingle Roofs at Intersolar 2017. Like the original QuickBOLT, the new Low Profile QuickBOLT uses a state-of-the-art Stainless Steel backed EPDM Washer to ensure a 100% leakproof seal. This Microflashing compresses and concaves to chemically bond with the Asphalt Shingle Roofing.

How is the Low Profile QuickBOLT different from our original QuickBOLT?

The Low Profile QuickBOLT simplifies the installation process by removing the height adjustable nature of the original QuickBOLT. By eliminating the adjustable component, the Low-Profile QuickBOLT shortens the already impressively short installation of the original QuickBOLT to less than one-minute! This not only makes the installer's job easier, but it allows them to save time and money up on the roof. The Low Profile QuickBOLT also allows installers to create a level array with no adjustments. This is the simplest Asphalt Roof Mount on the market… simply drill, seal, and mount!

See Our Mounts in Person

If that wasn't enough to sell you on the new Low Profile QuickBOLT, it can be viewed at our booth at Intersolar, #9645. This year, we will be showcasing a variety of our mounting solutions on mock roofs, giving show attendees the opportunity to see our mounting solutions installed in person. We will have Flat Tile, Curved Tile, Asphalt Shingle, Stone Coated Steel, and metal roof mounts on display.

Get In-Depth Information & NABCEP Credit

Our highly-trained sales team will be available in our booth to answer any questions you have about our SolarRoofHook products. If you would like to get even more in-depth information about SolarRoofHook products and installing residential solar, Rick Gentry, SolarRoofHook VP of Sales, will be teaching a NABCEP-Certified course entitled Making Solar More Affordable Through Innovation. This course will take place on Thursday, July 13th, at 10:15am in Workshop Room I (9030).

SolarRoofHook: Innovation Depends on Listening to Your Customers

SolarRoofHook continues its rapid growth in the solar industry by providing innovative, simple, and effective mounting solutions for residential rooftops. Working with Solar installers, SolarRoofHook has developed a wide range of innovative products for mounting solar panels onto residential roofs. SolarRoofHook stocks products in Livermore, CA and Rock Hill, SC, to meet the needs of any company or individual nationwide.

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HPS EnduraCoilTM Cast Resin Medium Voltage Transformer

HPS EnduraCoilTM Cast Resin Medium Voltage Transformer

HPS EnduraCoil is a high-performance cast resin transformer designed for many demanding and diverse applications while minimizing both installation and maintenance costs. Coils are formed with mineral-filled epoxy, reinforced with fiberglass and cast to provide complete void-free resin impregnation throughout the entire insulation system. HPS EnduraCoil complies with the new NRCan 2019 and DOE 2016 efficiency regulations and is approved by both UL and CSA standards. It is also seismic qualified per IBC 2012/ASCE 7-10/CBC 2013. Cast resin transformers are self-extinguishing in the unlikely event of fire, environmentally friendly and offer greater resistance to short circuits. HPS also offers wide range of accessories for transformer protection and monitoring requirements.