Parker Hannifin to launch “Hybrid Actuation System” for Renewable Energy Applications - at Solar Power International-

The Industrial Cylinder Division of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, will be highlighting its recently launched hybrid actuation system for renewable energy actuation applications, like those used in solar PV panels,

Parker's Industrial Cylinder division brings a new hybrid design in solar linear actaution-- opitimizing the best features of traditional technologies, combining controllability of electromechanical actuators with the power density, longer life, and resistive force capabilities of traditional hydraulic systems. The resulting hybrid offers a robust, long-life tracking solutions for solar power, and actuation systems for wind and hydro and other renewable energy systems as well as fossil fuel applications.

Parker HAS actuation systms offesr low cost, ease of maintenance and durable choice for large and small arrays. Hybrid hydraulics achieve exceptional economies of scale, with the ability to move over a megawatt from a single point.

This high efficiency, modular system allows for various traditional cylinder mounting configurations and stroke lengths, and the hybrid design is a fully self-contained system, with no hydraulic hoses or power units. Also, serviceability is built into the design, in that, the system can be serviced on site, with simple line of use replacement allowing for quick change out in the field. The system features two wire operation, and is available with AC and DC supply voltages.


An additional benefit of the Hybrid Actuation System is that it can be configured with integrated advance sensors for absolute positioning, universal tile positioning and condition and diagnostics monitoring. By integrating advanced wireless and cloud-based sensors directly into the new Hybrid Actuation systemCylinder feedback installation is virtually plug-and-play. Parker Sensor enhanced cylinders are rugged, and engineered to sustain performance in harsh environment power gen actuation applications like PV solar fields. Multiple HAS cylinders can be connected to a single bus, offering reduced installation and commissioning costs -- Installation is virtually plug-and-play


1) Intellinder -Absolute position monitoring Sensor

"The Intellinder sensor brings a unique competitive advantage to all of Parkers cylinders for solar actuation and other power gen actuation applications ," said Bruce Besch, Advanced Motion Products Manager for Parkers Industrial Cylinder Division. Besch explains, " Standard positioning technologies rely on magnetostrictive sensors, variable resistance sensors (string pots) and laser gauges. These all have limitations, including short strokes, dead zones, calibration needs, water ingression, temperature range restrictions, interference from contaminants, annoying electrical noise and time-consuming removal and repair. These problems all add inefficiencies to power gen operations, which increases operational cost. Parker Intellinder-enabled cylinders eliminate these issues and streamline solar power operations."

The Intellinder Sensor signals absolute positioning, rather than position relative to the starting location of the rod. A position identifying bar code pattern is etched directly onto standard rods, with no alterations required to the cylinders piston, head or cap. The optic reader bolts to the cylinder head, and the position is communicated continually and directly to the controller. Position reporting occurs at power-on and does not require calibration. Parkers design allows for full utilization of even double-rod cylinder applications, allowing customer utilization of both rod ends.

Intellinder feedback devices utilize serial bus connectivity, so multiple Intellinder cylinders can be networked together with a single cable back to the host controller. True redundancy is achieved by simply adding multiple, non-contacting reader sensors to the cylinder. Long cables up to 300 feet (90 meters) from the farthest cylinder to the output module, may be used. Analog output modules are protected to IP67 and do not need to be mounted in enclosures.

2) SensoNode Gold cloud-based condition monitoring sensors

The cloud-based sensors provide a wireless, remote monitoring solution for the preventive maintenance of solar panels. By monitoring the pressure levels of the solar panel tracking systems hydraulic loads, end users can calculate how much extra pressure is being put on the panels. for more information on SensoNode Gold and SCOUT cloud-based technology, please visit:

3) Universal Tilt Position Sensors

Parker/s Universal Tilt Sensor (UTS) is a 2-axis or 3-axis MEMS based device that detects absolute position of a solar panel within a range of ±90° from horizontal. Featured at SPI on the Parker Hybrid Actuation System (HAS), Parkers proprietary UTS can also be integrated with any solar panel control system able to communicate with the SAE J1939 CAN protocol. For more info, please visit our show website product listing:

Parker will be demonstrating "hybrid" actuation system at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Convention Center - Booth #1545. Please visit our landing page: for full brochure or read our blog:

About Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets. Learn more at or @parkerhannifin.

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