Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Workshop, Utah

Renewable energy consultancy, Natural Power, is set to attend AWEA's Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Conference 2017 on September 27th - 29th at the Snowbird Resort, Utah.

Natural Power's booth will be located in the lobby outside Ballroom 1.

Claude Abiven, Senior CFD Engineer at Natural Power will be speaking on the added value of non-neutral and mesoscale-coupled CFD on wind farm projects as part of the session ‘Flow Models: Where Atmospheric Science Meets Your Flow Model' on Thursday, September 28 from 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM..

Evan Osler, Natural Power's Business Development Manager, will be moderating the session ‘Remote Sensing: What Works? What Doesn't' on Thursday, September 28th from 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM.

Mackenzie Tocco, Project Engineer at Natural Power based in Seattle, will be speaking on ‘Turbine underperformance detection through machine learning' in the Session on "The Role of Data Science in Energy Production Assessment" on Friday, September 29th from 10:30 AM -11:45 AM.

Taurin Spalding, Senior Project Engineer at Natural Power will present a poster regarding ‘Wasted Curtailment or Smart Curtailment for Bats' at the Poster and Networking Reception on Wednesday, September 27th at 4:45 PM.

Sessions will take place in the Cliff Lodge, level B ballroom.

The event brings together the wind industry's leading owners, project developers, wind assessors, and siting professionals as they share the latest challenges facing the wind resource assessment community. This technical event is the only one of its kind within North America offering networking sessions while exploring the industry's needs, hearing about new state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, and gaining critical insight into the key matters by which we make our energy predictions.

Dan Jaynes, 2017 WRA Program Chair, said: "The AWEA Wind Resource and Project Energy Assessment Workshop is the place to be if you want to maintain your understanding of industry best practices. This conference aims to cover material where state-of-the-art analysis methods meet real-world commercial relevance in a complex and competitive market space. Join us in Snowbird, Utah for an opportunity to collaborate, network, and innovate with industry leaders."

To find out more about this event, view the full agenda and book a place at

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