HOMER Energy Releases New, Powerful Enhancements to Make Microgrid Modeling Easier

HOMER Energy maintains its commitment to “clean power everywhere” with new innovations that benefit the energy access market

HOMER Energy, the global leader in microgrid decision analysis and design, today announced a new release of its industry-leading HOMERⓇ Pro software, bringing greater simplicity and accuracy to the development of hybrid microgrid and distributed generation systems.

With the release of version 3.10, HOMER Pro now includes a more diverse library of sample electricity usage loads for more accurate modeling and more flexible data import options for increased ease of use. HOMER Pro v 3.10 also features a new dispatch algorithm that improves speed and efficiency for optimizing systems with generators and batteries, especially in energy access environments, where there is no access to an electric grid. Dispatch is the process of making a decision regarding which power system components will be used to meet an electric load in a given time period.
"Renewable power alone is never 100% reliable, but combining different types of power, such as solar and wind energy in a single system, like a hybrid microgrid, solves this problem," says HOMER Energy CEO and co-founder Dr. Peter Lilienthal, PhD. "However, hybrid systems lead to new problems - which types of components work best together, and how should they be dispatched to meet the needs of an electric load at a particular time? That's why the new Combined Dispatch Algorithm in HOMER Pro v3.10 is so important. It helps find the answers to these questions, and provides the ability to more accurately model hybrid energy systems. This is especially important to the more than one billion people in the world who have no access to electricity and can greatly benefit from small, distributed generation systems."
HOMER Pro's new features will help increase efficiency for optimizing microgrid design in sectors ranging from village power to military bases, bringing renewable energy and stable energy to more corners of the world through understanding microgrid design options.
HOMER Pro allows users to easily model and compare the economics of hundreds or thousands of potential small-scale hybrid renewable power system configurations. As the global standard for optimizing microgrid design in all sector, the goal of HOMER Pro is to drive informed decision making, so that small, distributed power systems can be developed with confidence.
For more information on HOMER Energy, visit http://www.homerenergy.com or call 720-565-4046. Follow us on Twitter @HOMEREnergy.
About HOMER Energy
Born out of the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), HOMER Energy provides market-leading software solutions for designing hybrid microgrid and distributed generation systems - touching virtually every stakeholder in the microgrid and distributed generation markets worldwide.

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