Sunnova Energy Corporation Begins Battery Installations for Residential Solar Customers

HOUSTON, TX — October 20, 2017 — Sunnova Energy Corporation, the largest residential solar provider in Puerto Rico, has successfully installed and retrofitted their first residential energy storage (battery) system onto one of their existing solar systems, as they start to provide customers with access to electricity in the absences of grid service.

This is the first step by the solar service provider in testing and retrofitting existing residential solar systems with batteries to assist in the recovery and restoration of localized power, and to create a more resilient, long-term power solution for the island’s energy infrastructure system, which must be almost entirely rebuilt.

Sunnova's first energy storage system test case, a 10kW battery, was installed yesterday in the Greater San Juan area. By the end of the year, Sunnova hopes to have hundreds of batteries on the island, with thousands or more batteries arriving in the new year.

Speaking about the company's efforts, Sunnova Chief Executive Officer, William J. (John) Berger, made the following statement:

-In the wake of recent weather events, the energy industry is experiencing a pivotal moment in which the business of energy provision will fundamentally change. In Puerto Rico, that will translate into the energy system being built to become more resilient, and a resilient power system in the future is one that includes both distributed solar and energy storage solutions.

-Historically, crises often spur the need to increase the lack of momentum for technological innovation. This could be the moment Puerto Rico becomes the catalyst of change for global energy systems.

-We are proud to continue our work in Puerto Rico—providing households and families across the island with clean, efficient energy. We have always been committed to the island and we remain as committed as ever to improving the quality of lives of Puerto Ricans through our energy services.-

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