HelioPower and Kohler Form a New Strategic Alliance

HelioPower, Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Kohler Power Systems. HelioPower will be expanding their Whole House Energy approach to include offering installation and support for Kohler Generators.

HelioPower, Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Kohler Power Systems. Through this affiliation, HelioPower will be expanding their Whole House Energy approach to include offering installation and support for Kohler Generators.

HelioPower is proud to be a part of Kohler's prestigious dealer network. As part of its Whole House Energy approach, the California based energy services company will incorporate Kohler Generators for both on and off-grid energy solutions for residential and commercial customers.

"We are pleased to provide our customers with this key facet of our Whole House Energy Solutions. Kohler products also allow our team to provide a broad sense of security and continuity to our residential and commercial clients." Said Jonah Liebes, President of HelioPower. "The reliability of Kohler Generators was the critical factor in selecting this system for our clients."

Kohler is well known for its data recovery and protection capabilities, keeping power on during an outage. Like an AC unit, it's installed outside your home and comes on automatically within seconds of a power outage. This provides affordable and automatic backup power to support electrical and safety needs without any interruption. With Kohler Generators, HelioPower customers will be able to derive grid autonomy and energy independence during power outages and natural disasters—plus, Kohler Standby systems are fully tied in to your current home propane or natural gas source, so there's no haggling with gas cans or gas tanks!

"Kohler Generators respond quickly and effectively in any disaster." Said Luka Gale, Senior Area Manager of Kohler Co. Power Systems, "Combined with HelioPower's integrated energy solutions, customers can expect the highest level of reliability."

Along with Kohler's automatic transfer switch (ATS), Kohler Generators will include options for remote monitoring, automatic weekly exercise and cycling to ensure on demand availability and customer peace of mind.

About HelioPower

HelioPower is an integrated energy solutions company based Murrieta, California. The company helps its clients reduce energy costs and develop energy assets by leveraging renewable energy production, demand side management, and return on investment strategies for clients in the U.S. and abroad. HelioPower employs a diversified approach to providing renewable energy technologies and load reduction expertise. Because needs can vary greatly among energy consumers, HelioPower is committed to helping its clients understand their unique energy challenges to deliver customized, cost-effective services and products to reduce energy costs. For more information, visit: heliopower.com

About Kohler Co.

Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, Kohler Co. is one of America's oldest and largest privately held companies comprised of more than 30,000 associates. With more than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide, Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products; engines and power systems; premier furniture, cabinetry and tile; and owner/operator of two of the world's finest five-star hospitality and golf resort destinations in Kohler, and St Andrews, Scotland.

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Bay City Electric Works will provide our customers a premier value with superior products, technical expertise and unrivaled customer service while nurturing a family culture for our employees. To learn about standby generator options from KOHLER, individuals can visit www.KOHLERGenerators.com

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