Requirement of Voltage Stabilizers in Industries

Voltage regulators and voltage stabilizers are used to provide constant voltage industrial voltage stabilizers are available in 2 models.

1) Voltage Stabilizers are being used to meet unbalanced load conditions having 3 stabilizers connected in star type electrical connections.

2) Voltage regulators are being used for balanced loads to meet the requirement of 3 phase balanced load which are connected in delta mode of electrical connections. In general both Voltage regulators and voltage stabilizers are being used to provide regulated output voltage to the load. However electrical connections are different. Most of the industries have more of balanced load and part of unbalanced load.

Industrial servo voltage regulators generally designed for to meet the voltage regulation requirements for balanced loads. Many industries do install higher KVA centralized voltage regulators. Voltage regulators generally do cost less than unbalanced voltage stabilizers due to complex construction of unbalanced type voltage stabilizers.

Unbalanced type servo control voltage stabilizers works on neutral to phase voltage regulation that is 240volts AC 50HZ here by irrespective of unbalanced load the voltage between neutral to phase will be constant in 3 phases. Thus neutral current is maintained constant and leakage current will be within limits in unbalanced voltage stabilizers.

Unbalanced voltage stabilizers is very much required where the load is not equal in 3 phase system.

Unbalanced type 3 phase voltage stabilizer configuration is 4 wire input and 4 wire output.

There is one more model voltage stabilizer that is balanced type, where the reference of voltage taken phase to phase and maintained constant 3 phase voltage. This balanced type voltage stabilizers are useful where 3phase load is equal that is the current in all 3 phases are equal. The balanced voltage stabilizer applications are like 3 phase motors. There is additional protections available like single phase prevention, unbalanced voltage cut off, unbalanced frequency cut off, overload cut off & with short circuit protection. All Servomax voltage stabilizers in balanced type model and unbalanced type models do regulate output voltage within 1%band in industrial applications. We manufacture higher KVA servo stabilizers up to 3000KVA. We also manufacture special type of industrial voltage stabilizers like 3 phase 3 wire, 3 phase 4 wire models we have expertised to provide industrial voltage stabilizers up to 1000KVA in air cooled model and above capacities is above 1000KVA. We manufacture oil cool type voltage stabilizers based on location, we do manufacture indoor models and outdoor models in special kind of requirements and needs.

We provide protection against phase sequence and earth fault alarm with wifi connectivity. All voltage stabilizers do exhibit energy savings in industrial applications. We have designed all our voltage stabilizers to work on up to 50c ambient temperature.

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