Schletter Group to present new tracker at Intersolar

“For the first time ever, this tracker combines the benefits of our fixed mounting systems with the additional yields of a tracking system,” Dr Cedric Zapfe said. He and his team were responsible for developing the system.

Kirchdorf/Haag, 3 May 2018. At this year's Intersolar Europe, the globally active Schletter Group will

present its new tracking system. With a width of four metres, this single-axis tracking system not
only allows a ground cover ratio that few other systems can match (thanks to its patent pending
locking mechanism), it also has the same level of stability as a fixed mounting system.

"For the first time ever, this tracker combines the benefits of our fixed mounting systems with the additional yields of a tracking system," Dr Cedric Zapfe said. He and his team were responsible for developing the system. "Easy assembly and servicing were also key aspects when designing the system." An innovative drive concept is at the heart of this new tracker. It requires no hydraulic dampers and completely avoids the dangerous ‘galloping effect' under wind loads.

Locking mechanism for the greatest structural stability
While most other tracking systems use hydraulic dampers or similar supporting structures to mitigate the vibrations and torsional forces caused by the wind, this Schletter system works with a self-locking
mechanism. Each post is equipped with a mechanical locking element which automatically locks as soon as the row has stopped moving. This newly-developed and soon to be patented drive system fully eliminates vibrations over the entire row which can be caused by wind. Therefore the system, while at rest, has the properties and durability of a fixed mounting system and is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 260 kilometres per hour.

Maximum ground cover ratio
The tracker has a rotational range of ±60 degrees and tracks the sun astronomically. Each row can be up to 120 metres long and is driven by one centrally located motor. At four metres in width, each row is wide enough to hold either two panels oriented vertically or four horizontally, thus up to 480 square metres of solar array can be installed per row and motor. This allows operators to make optimal use of the available land and a ground cover ratio of more than 50 percent can be achieved - one of the highest in the industry.

Self-powered and wireless communication
The motor and the control systems are self-sufficiently powered by a dedicated PV panel in each row with a battery pack ensuring greatest possible reliability of operation. The system is controlled through wireless technology which completely obviates expensive wiring for both power supply and communication.

Fast installation due to high degree of pre-assembly
As the upper sub-assembly already comes pre-mounted to the motor unit, installing the system is very quick and safe. The motor and the control system are put into operation according to the principle of plug and play. The system is manufactured mostly from galvanised steel and can stand either on pile-driven or concrete foundations. Furthermore, the system is able to compensate slopes in the terrain of up to 10 degrees.

Very easy maintenance
To make maintenance and servicing easier, mechanical connections between the rows have been
deliberately avoided. This allows unhampered vehicle access between the rows, for instance during
servicing and maintenance work.

The Schletter Group will present the tracking system at the Intersolar, Hall A3, Stand 140.

About the Schletter Group
The Schletter Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of photovoltaic mounting systems made of aluminium and steel. The Group manufactures mounting systems for roofs, façades and open areas (solar farms) as well as solar carports. With production facilities in Germany, the USA and China as well as an international network of distribution and service companies the Schletter Group
is active in all important international markets. The Schletter Group has around 1,400 employees in total. Group sales amounted to around EUR 270 million in 2017.

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