SkySaver Rescue Ltd. Announces Wind Turbine Technician Safety Solution

SkySaver-WT is a new and cost-effective emergency tool for evacuating wind turbines

SkySaver Rescue Ltd., a leading manufacturer of emergency evacuation solutions, today announced the introduction of SkySaver-WT, a simple and effective rescue device designed for use by technicians working on wind turbines and other tall structures, such as cranes.

The SkySaver-WT looks like a backpack and contains a patented Controlled Descent Device (CDD), which utilizes a redundant centrifugal- and friction-based braking system to lower a turbine technician to the ground at a comfortable two meters per second. The CDD has been designed to function under extreme conditions and withstand prolonged exposure to high heat, flames, cold, water, sharp edges and can even be operated in saline environments, making the SkySaver-WT a perfect choice for industrial locations. The SkySaver-WT, which is intuitive to use and does not require advanced training, is also valuable in the emergency evacuation of incapacitated technicians, who may not be able to handle the complicated descent using ropes or other contraptions.

Avner Farkash, CEO of SkySaver Rescue, Ltd. said, "In case of emergencies, rescues need to be immediate, and since wind farms are often located in isolated areas, many jurisdictions do not have the ability or the equipment to respond to these situations. With more than 250 fires and hundreds of emergency evacuations from wind turbines each year, we are proud to introduce a cost-effective solution that enables safety managers to send technicians up wind turbines with the necessary tools to evacuate in case of emergency. An immediate and safe solution such as SkySaver-WT is essential in preventing tragedies."

The SkySaver-WT, together with other SkySaver rescue products, will be shown at AWEA WINDPOWER 2018 at Booth 1718.

Pricing and Availability
All units include a seven-year warranty, which is extendable to 14 years.
Below are the configurations, prices and delivery times.
-- 100 meter backpack, $1,800, ARO + 12 months
-- 160 meter single external CDD, $2,200, ARO + 12 months
-- 160 meter descending system with two external CDDs of 80 meter each, $1,950, ARO + 4 months
-- 160 meter descending system with one external CDD (80 meter) and another backpack with internal integrated CDD, $2,150, ARO + 4 months

About SkySaver Rescue Ltd.
SkySaver Rescue Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of safe and intuitive emergency evacuation solutions for commercial and residential use. SkySavers patented products have received numerous certifications and have been tested for compliance with multiple safety regulations including, CE, ANSI, NFPA, ASTM International and TUV.

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