DHYBRID partners with QOS Energy to monitor PV hybrid and energy storage off-grid plants

DHYBRID will benefit from the versatility of QOS Energys monitoring software, which is unique in its ability to aggregate data from all types of energy sources onto one single analytics platform.

Nantes, France, 28 May 2018. DHYBRID, the leading German solution provider for PV hybrid, energy storage and smart-grid projects, has announced its partnership with QOS Energy, the data intelligence cloud specialist, to monitor PV hybrid and energy storage plants. DHYBRID will benefit from the versatility of QOS Energys monitoring software, which is unique in its ability to aggregate data from all types of energy sources onto one single analytics platform.

DHYBRID designs, installs and operates commercial and utility-scale hybrid plants, offering cost-efficient energy solutions for remote islands and other off-grid sites that need independent, reliable and decentralized electricity. The company substitutes old, unreliable and polluting diesel-powered generators with clean and efficient PV hybrid and energy storage solutions all around the globe.
One of the key challenges associated with hybrid and off-grid plants is to successfully manage diverse power sources simultaneously, in order to guarantee the security of power supply. Through this partnership, the two companies will combine DHYBRIDs in-house SCADA & control technology with QOS Energys monitoring solution to successfully meet that challenge and ensure that each plant delivers energy as expected.

QOS Energys cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform was selected for its unique ability to acquire data from any type of plant, data acquisition system or database, a key advantage for the effective and centralised management of large and complex PV projects. Thanks to this capability, DHYBRID will be able to increase power production, optimise maintenance processes and lower the downtime of the plants it manages.
"Thanks to the modular and scalable platform approach of our smart-grid and EMS technology, our customers are able to reduce the dependency of fossil fuel and greatly benefit from the financial and environmental impact of renewable energy solutions. Our manufacturer-independent and technology neutral technology platform ensures that their energy supply always stays extendable and future-proof.", says Tobias Reiner, CTO of DHYBRID.
QOS Energys cloud-based Qantum® suite features a complete set of customisable charts, dashboards, KPIs and alerts helping to gain a deeper understanding of the assets performance, thereby maximising operational performance. The platform also offers a fully integrated maintenance management system to help reduce downtime by streamlining maintenance workflows for large and complex renewable energy portfolios.
"The exceptional flexibility of our renewable monitoring platform provides the highest levels of profitability for our clients, who transform raw data sets into actionable insights. This flexibility empowers our clients to take better and faster decisions using our comprehensive renewable analytics solutions. We are very proud to be partnering with an innovative plant expert such as DHYBRID," said Franck Le Breton, CEO at QOS Energy.

DHYBRID is a German company specialised in the conception, development, installation of hybrid solar PV plants, from commercial to utility-scale size. DHYBRIDs unique differentiator is the capacity to seamlessly manage and control the functioning of complex hybrid power and energy storage plants.
The DHYBRID Universal Power Platform (UPP) is a modular energy management system (EMS) and smart-grid control solution that allows the client to get full transparency on the energy consumption and identify cost saving potential. Our DHYBRID UPP technology forms the basis for the future integration of different energy sources into one economic and sustainable hybrid power supply.
The advanced and proven concept of DHYBRID always guarantees a stable, reliable and future-proof supply of energy. DHYBRID also provides its hybrid plant expertise to large EPCs and IPPs.

About QOS Energy

QOS Energy is an innovative independent software vendor specialized in data intelligence cloud solutions for renewable energies. QOS Energy is headquartered in France and operates in 23 countries worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and India.
QOS Energy powers Qantum®, a cloud-based data intelligence platform designed to drive up performances of renewable plants and storage facilities. One of QOS Energys key success factors is its unique ability to provide energy companies with an access to performance analytics, dashboards, KPIs and machine learning tools, by seamlessly retrieving data from any plant and system. QOS Energy enables clients to increase power production and maximize returns for more than 5 000 facilities worldwide, including 6 GW of renewable power. http://www.qosenergy.com/
QOS Energy is supported by two private equity funds: ETF partners (http://etfpartners.capital/ ) and GO Capital (http://www.gocapital.fr/).

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