Vikram Solar to Launch Tigo Integrated Smart Module - Solivo - at Intersolar Munich 2018

The Solivo series is the latest addition to Vikram Solars crystalline silicon PV module product portfolio with the highest efficiency to date: up to 19.07% for 72 cells and up to 19.36% for 60 cells.

Germany / India, 18th June, 2018: Vikram Solar, Indias leading Solar EPC player and module manufacturer, will launch its new line of integrated smart modules - Solivo - with Tigo, pioneer of the smart modular Flex MLPE and TS4 platform, during Intersolar Europe 2018 in Munich, Germany. The Solivo series is the latest addition to Vikram Solars crystalline silicon PV module product portfolio with the highest efficiency to date: up to 19.07% for 72 cells and up to 19.36% for 60 cells. Learn more about Solivo at Intersolar Munich 2018 Booth A1.171 or refer to the following link (

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The new range of modules integrate Tigos flexible module-level power electronics (Flex MLPE), which provide multiple smart features including module-level remote monitoring, rapid shutdown, power optimization, and longer string designs. Tigos TS4 platform performs similarly to standard junction boxes, but with more functionalities for a higher reliability - from ‘smart-ready TS4 Diodes to Monitoring, Safety, Optimization and Long Strings. The TS4 platform maximizes the energy production for the best return on the investment in compromised installation conditions due to partial shading, current mismatch, or module output tolerance. Additional smart module functionalities include: allowing superior heat dissipation from modules; achieving lower resistive loss in strings; identifying faults; maximizing area usage; lowering O&M costs; and increasing the system uptime compared to conventional modules.
Mr. Ivan Saha, BU Head - Solar Manufacturing and CTO at Vikram Solar Limited, announced that "Vikram Solars newest addition of smart modules to this series harvests more power through Module-Level Power Optimisation Technology, wherein each module can be optimized for energy generation, virtually nullifying the effect of shading, soiling, or mismatch loss. Smart modules are our innovative offering to a fast changing solar industry with a focus on reliability and cost competitiveness."
Mr. Mirko Bindi, EMEA Director - Tigo, stated "Tigo is pleased to bring the unique modularity of our TS4 platform to Vikrams impressive product portfolio. With this compatibility, Vikram can now offer a new tier of reliability with integrated smart modules. The cost effective functionalities of our Flex MLPE will allow Vikram Solar to cater to any customer or project need worldwide."
About Vikram Solar Limited:
Vikram Solar Limited (formerly known as Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in efficient PV module manufacturing and comprehensive EPC solutions. With an international presence on 6 continents, the Company is an active contributor towards shaping the solar revolution globally. Carrying forward the extensive manufacturing experience of the Vikram Group, Vikram Solar, since 2006, is building upon a 4-decade-old success story. Vikram Solars annual PV Module production capacity stands at 1 GW. The Companys products comply with the international standards of quality, reliability and performance. As a fully forward-integrated Solar EPC solutions provider, Vikram Solar deploys world-class technology to design, install and commission solar projects worldwide. Learn more at
About Tigo:
Tigo Energy, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semi-conductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. Tigo's vision is to leverage integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. By partnering with tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the smartest TS4 modular platform and leverage the broader ecosystem. Tigo has operations in the USA, across Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East. Learn more at

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