AFC Cable Systems Announces New MC Luminary Quik for an Even More Efficient Lighting Installation

Newest product solution reduces labor and installation costs

AFC Cable Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electrical products, announces the launch of the MC Luminary Quik designed for power and control of 0-10V dimmable fixtures as well as addressable lighting control systems. The MC Luminary Quik combines the efficiency and laborsaving features of MC Quik, offering up to 30% installation time savings over traditional wiring methods.

MC Luminary Quik cable is a UL Listed type MCI‐A construction of Type MC‐PCS. The cable is constructed with polypropylene-covered power conductors (no assembly tape), jacketed control conductors, and an oversized aluminum bond/ground conductor with aluminum armor. This construction reduces installation time by eliminating the need to terminate a green copper ground conductor. MC Luminary Quik may be surface mounted, installed in plenums, fished, and/or embedded in plaster. Packaging options include 250 coils, 1,000 reels, barrels and Gaylord.

Additional benefits include:
Armor: Interlocking Aluminum Strip armor PLUS oversized aluminum grounding/bonding conductor provide a single grounding means - Steel armor is available by special order

Power Conductor: THHN copper conductors with Polypropylene covering, 120V and 277V color-coded insulation

Control Conductor: 16 AWG Solid TFN Purple/gray twisted and jacketed with a 30 mil PVC jacket that complies with NEC Section 725.136(i)1 separation requirements.

For more information on the MC Luminary Quik and other MC Luminary Cables, view the newest brochure here.

About AFC Cable Systems

AFC Cable Systems, Inc., part of Atkore International, is a leading manufacturer of electrical products, tracing its origins to 1926. AFC supplies a broad range of innovative, cost-saving products to the electrical industry. These products include armored and metal-clad cables; flexible metal conduits, non-metallic conduits, and liquid-tight conduits; modular wiring systems; and electrical fittings. AFC Cable Systems provides products used in new construction and the restoration and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, healthcare facilities, and more.

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