DTE Energy's billion-dollar natural gas plant underway in St. Clair County

DTE Energy Co. has reportedly made plans to invest in a natural gas powered plant worth $1 billion to be based in East China Township. As per a company statement, officials from the utility located in Detroit gathered at the Belle River Power Plant to undertake a pivotal step toward the lowering of carbon emissions by a staggering 80 percent.

Company spokeswoman Renee McClelland, has been quoted stating that the Blue Water Energy Center with the capacity of 1100 megawatt will be built on a piece of land owned by the company, spanning 30 acres close to the Belle River (St. Clair County). McClelland added that the plant would start supplying low emission electricity on a regular basis to 850,000 homes by the year 2022.

According to credible sources, the new plant will replace a total of three coal power plants at Rouge River, Trenton, and St. Clair in between the years 2020-2023. Consumers Energy Company based in Jackson and DTE are also apparently aiming to stop the use of coal by 2040, and are committed to establish a 25 percent supply of renewable energy by 2030.

Sources claim that GE Power, General Electrics Atlanta-based branch would provide the generating equipments for this project.

The BWEC (Blue Water Energy Center) which was collectively approved this year by MPSC (Michigan Public Service Commission) holds the position of the most fuel efficient power production plant in the Michigan area. The plant is expected to be about 70% cleaner and 40% more energy efficient than the three coal-based power plants that DTE would most probably retire by the year 2023.

According to Jeff Bohm the Commissioner of St. Clair County, this new and cleaner power plant powered by natural gas would make ensure continued job growth and provide supplementary revenue that can be utilized in improving infrastructure, schools, transport, and other services.

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