Hanergy Debuts at Intersolar South America Exhibition 2018

Accelerates its expansion plan in Latin America, Brazil

August 29, Beijing - Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, a pioneering multinational clean energy company, today announced its debut at Intersolar South America, a worlds leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners.

In the sixth edition of the international exhibition and conference thats scheduled to take place at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil on August 28-30, 2018, Hanergy is all set to showcase its most promising solar solutions such as HanPaper, HanPack, Humbrella and thin film solar panels.
Hanergys debut at the world's leading exhibition series for the solar industry is a clear indication of companys massive expansion plans in Latin America, beginning with Brazil. The company also intends to utilize this prestigious and international exhibition as a platform to announce new cooperation contracts, it has recently signed with 5 local companies in South America.
Mr. Lv Yuan, Vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Group, says, "Were extremely delighted for our debut at the sixth edition of Intersolar South America Exhibition 2018 which is undoubtedly one of the worlds leading exhibitions for solar industry and its partners. Were confident that this prestigious exhibition and conference will give Hanergy a platform to not only showcase our promising solar solutions for Latin American markets, but will also be instrumental in the acceleration of companys expansion in Latin America."
Hanergy is underway with its robust expansion plan in Latin America, and has already initiated several projects locally. Likewise, Hanergy has on its plan to build a thin film solar manufacturing facility in Uberaba, and that investment in the project is expected to amount to US$1 billion and will create approximately 400 jobs. While, the Uberaba project is just the beginning, in the near future, Hanergy will venture in more Latin American markets such as Chile, Mexico and so on.
Hanergy holds the record of worlds most efficient GaAs single-junction solar module with 28.9% conversion efficiency, and the CIGS module with a worlds record 18.72% efficiency. Relying on these advanced technologies, Hanergy manufactures flexible, light-weight and thin-film solar panels. Hanergys latest innovations include HanPaper and HanPack. HanPaper is an on-the-go wireless electricity generator and storage device, that takes only 9 minutes to charge 10% power of iPhone X. Equally efficient, HanPack, is a well-designed backpack equipped with Hanergys core technology, thin film solar cells.
Since 2009, Hanergy is painstakingly working to integrate worldwide solar technology, and making robust investment for the research and innovation in field of thin-film solar power.
By now, Hanergy has filed over 6400 patents, which means, on an average 30 patents each day. Hanergy is all set revolutionize the global mobile energy industry through its varied offerings equipped with advanced technology, such as roof tiles, backpack and sun umbrella.

About Hanergy
Hanergy, the world's largest clean energy company, has a comprehensive clean energy solution, covering hydro-power, wind-power, and solar power. Since 2009, Hanergy has focused on thin-film solar power research and development, and is launching a series of products including solar roof tiles, foldable solar-paper power bank, solar backpack, Building Integrated Photovoltaics, solar roads and many others. With a worldwide staff of more than 16,000, Hanergy is devoted to providing the world a clean energy solution for a better life and sustainable world.

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