SPI 2018: Fronius Gives Solar Installers a Competitive Advantage

As solar markets across the United States are getting more established, differentiation becomes increasingly important for solar installers.

Portage, IN, August 2018 - Inverter manufacturer Fronius is introducing a wide variety of new solar solutions at this year's Solar Power International (SPI) trade show in Anaheim. As an expert for residential and commercial solar applications, Fronius' new offerings help solar installers provide better solutions to home owners, businesses and other solar buyers.

As solar markets across the United States are getting more established, differentiation becomes increasingly important for solar installers. With Fronius' strong focus on long lasting relationships, new solutions presented at SPI are all around giving installers and EPCs competitive advantages in the market. A range of new hardware, software and services support installation businesses on every level.

The Fronius Smart Solution, the first adaptive systems design for solar, is designed to adapt to the specific needs of any system buyer. Installers have the ability to choose the components needed and optimize the entire system while maintaining a minimal design. This next generation of solar systems enables installers to offer tailor-fit solutions that are optimized between performance and cost, making solar more accessible and ready for mainstream markets.

As part of the Fronius Smart Solution, the online portal Fronius Solar.web allows installers and system owners to monitor their solar system and analyze energy consumption. This helps the installer to turn into an energy consultant for system owners. Based on the analysis, they can offer specific products and services to individual customers over the system's lifetime - making a solar sale the start of a relationship, not just the closing of a sale.

With insights from the Fronius Solar.web portal, support from the online troubleshooting tool Fronius SOS and the field-serviceability of Fronius inverters, certified installers (Fronius Solutions Providers) are equipped to provide outstanding operation and maintenance services. The Fronius Solutions Provider program is unique to the industry and supports installers not only with technical training but also sales training, marketing support and more. Fronius will host Fronius Solutions Providers at the booth, so attendees can hear from their experience first-hand.

For commercial rooftop applications, which are usually complex and environmentally demanding for solar installations, Fronius exhibits the Fronius Rooftop Solution. This cost-effective solution for commercial rooftops was launched earlier this year and helps to overcome the typical challenges of commercial rooftops, such as high ambient temperatures, obstructions or operation & maintenance (O&M) challenges.

The new Fronius Symo Advanced three-phase inverters provide additional value for states with Module Level Shutdown requirements. The integrated Power Line Communication (PLC) transmitter based on the SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown allows in principle for plug & play connection with SunSpec based module electronics. In a first step, the Tigo TS4-F cover is available. This eliminates the need for any additional communication hardware and provides the most cost-effective option for code compliance.

In addition to new products and services, Fronius will also be giving away a branded bicycle. Attendees are welcome to test out the bike and enter to win one of their own - Fronius will give away one bike per day.

The Fronius booth number at Solar Power International is #1538. To learn more about the Fronius activities at SPI 2018 or to schedule a meeting visit https://www.fronius.com/en-us/usa/photovoltaics/info-center/events/solar-power-international-2018

Featured Product

Introducing RockIt Smart Slide

Introducing RockIt Smart Slide

Introducing RockIt Smart Slide - the ultimate solution for fast and easy installation of the rail-less RockIt racking system on composition shingle roofs. Smart Slide conforms to UL 441 and TAS 100 (A)-95 for wind and wind-driven rain, providing a super-strong watertight seal that is achieved through compression, in most cases without the need for additional sealant. The waterproofing sealant is embedded deep into the granules of the shingle, thanks to the integrated flexible foam layer that provides cushioning. This ensures a secure fit that conforms to any architectural-style shingle. With UltraGrip Technology™, you can rely on a secure installation, as it absorbs the movement created by thermal expansion and contraction. The pre-installed sealing pads are compatible with all composition shingle roofs, making it the ideal choice, even in ambient temperatures as low as 5 degrees.