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Yotta Solar selected for exclusive NREL Innovation Incubator

AUSTIN, Texas - September 19, 2018 - Yotta Solar, a developer of innovative energy storage systems, is introducing a revolution in solar PV plus energy storage technology - the SolarLEAFTM. The patented SolarLEAFTM utilizes the worlds first and only 100% passive thermal regulation system for panel-level energy storage. This passive temperature regulation enables the system to operate in extreme temperatures while protecting the battery life and without degrading performance. The plug-and-play design simplifies the integration of energy storage with solar PV and eliminates the need for heavy, difficult to install enclosures, complicated HVAC systems that require parasitic loads, and expensive fire suppression systems.

See the SolarLEAFTM at Solar Power International (SPI) in Anaheim Sept. 24-27 - Booth #3869

"For solar power to truly reach its full potential, energy storage has to be an integral part of the equation. We designed the SolarLEAF to make adding energy storage simple for solar developers and utilities by eliminating the design and site-specific complexities that come with centralized storage," said Omeed Badkoobeh, co-founder & CEO of Yotta Solar. "In a nutshell, the SolarLEAF panel-level energy storage system reduces project and operational costs by eliminating the need for HVAC or fire suppression systems, plus it doesnt use extra real estate occupied by centralized battery systems in shipping containers. Our patented passive thermal regulation technology shields the battery from both hot and sub-freezing temperatures and results in a long and bankable service life, industry leading combined solar plus storage efficiency, and higher overall solar generation."

The SolarLEAFTM system is a battery pack with integrated multi-way power flow electronics that easily attaches behind standard 60 to 96 cell solar modules either at the time of panel installation or as a retrofit. The systems modular design and panel level installation makes it simple and cost-effective to scale energy storage with solar. Yottas innovative passive thermal regulation is a revolutionary technology that uses very little to zero external power to keep the systems batteries between 50° F and 95° F (10° - 35° C) in climates, including extreme summer heat and freezing winters. Because the batteries are not aggregated in one central location, SolarLEAFTM systems have no risk of cascading thermal events and can be installed in locations where centralized large-scale lithium-ion battery storage is not permissible. The DC-coupled SolarLEAFTM also doesnt require a separate battery inverter setup, improving the solar plus storage systems cost, efficiency, and reliability, while simplifying the interconnection process.

Yotta Solar was recently awarded a place in National Renewable Energy Laboratorys (NREL) esteemed Innovation Incubator (IN2) program funded by Wells Fargo. Clean technology companies that are formally selected for the program receive up to $250,000 in technical assistance from the laboratory and project related support. Yottas SolarLEAFTM is already receiving significant interest from utility companies worldwide for its ability to easily and cost effectively integrate energy storage into solar projects, particularly for behind-the-meter use cases.

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About Yotta Solar
Yotta Solar is an Austin, Texas innovator that is simplifying energy storage for solar PV by removing the complexity and cost of centralized stationary storage. Yotta Solars patented SolarLEAFTM utilizes a technological breakthrough in thermal regulation that enables panel-level energy storage in even the most extreme climates. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the solar panels and energy storage that streamlines project design and installation, eliminates the need for complex HVAC and fire suppression systems, and doesnt require extra space for containerized solutions - resulting in significantly lower project costs. Learn more at YottaSolar.com.

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