sonnen Announces Winners of its 2018 "Brilliance Awards"

During recent appearances at the CEDIA Expo and Solar Power International show, sonnen honored key partners and integrators with first-ever sonnen Brilliance Awards, recognizing companies who share a commitment to providing a clean and reliable energy future for all.

sonnen, the global market leader in intelligent residential energy storage today announced the inaugural class of sonnen Brilliance Awards winners. These new and unique awards were bestowed upon thought-leaders and innovators who, in partnership with sonnen, have demonstrated a tireless commitment to creating a cleaner and more reliable energy future for all through innovation, collaboration and customer education.

Brilliance Award Winners span several industries and markets including energy automation, solar installation, homebuilding and clean energy activism and philanthropy.

The inaugural class of the sonnen Brilliance Awards includes:

PanTech Design - Innovation in Energy Automation - The team at PanTech Design developed the interface between sonnen's intelligent energy automation software and the Crestron home automation system. Made possible using their innovative Adapt platform, they are contributing to a revolution in intelligent energy management by taking the ultimate smart home to a whole new level with customizable applications and advanced features that not only provide resiliency during power outages, but also power the home in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.
Cinegration - Innovation in Energy Automation - The team at Cinegration developed the interface between sonnen's intelligent energy automation software and the Control4 home automation system. Their work is contributing to a first-of-its-kind intelligent energy management solution that offers customizable, advanced applications that monitor and manage the home's energy and adapt in real-time to maximize energy efficiency and provide protection against power outages.
Pura Energía - Partner of the Year - Pura Energía spent several years educating homeowners in Latin America about the value of solar + intelligent energy storage. In 2017, Pura Energía partnered with sonnen to power life-saving technologies at schools, community centers and clinics following Hurricane Maria's devastation in Puerto Rico. Together, the two companies built 12 humanitarian microgrids on the island that provided resiliency to those impacted by climate disaster and continue to provide power to thousands of people. Further, sonnen and Pura Energía worked directly with the government and local agencies to help rebuild and rethink how energy is produced and delivered in Puerto Rico.
cyberManor's Gordon van Zuiden - Brand Ambassador of the Year - As a leader in the home automation industry, van Zuiden is a true advocate for clean energy and intelligent energy management. Most recently, his work as an influencer helped educate others on how energy automation can and will be used to not only create the ultimate smart home, but also a better energy future for us all.
Mandalay Homes - Innovation in Carbon-Neutral Communities - Creating the first-of-its-kind clean energy virtual power plant using sonnen's intelligent energy storage + solar in Prescott Valley, AZ, Mandalay Homes took the energy efficient home of the future to a whole new level by creating a clean energy community that benefits homeowners, as well as the utility, to enable the grid of the future.
Gardner Energy - A high-quality installer and an expert in battery technology with over 12 years of installation experience, Gardner Energy is a leader in educating and influencing homeowners on the value and importance of energy storage. They are a true believer in the power of energy automation and the way it can help consumers use renewable energy more effectively.
Grassroots Solar, Inc. - As an active advocate for energy storage, Grassroots Solar is creating a clean energy future through extensive homeowner education. This includes advocating with local and state representatives as well as their involvement with projects in Puerto Rico to increase awareness about energy resiliency for people devastated by climate disasters.
Ion LEED - A true partner in Puerto Rico, Ion LEED played a key role in educating people across the island on how to become resilient in the face of disastrous hurricanes and grid instability, ultimately empowering communities to take charge of their clean energy future. Through these initiatives, Ion LEED built a business that is focused on providing an impeccable customer experience.
Other Brilliance Award winners include SunKey Solar, Kahn Solar, NewEnergy PR, Green Convergence, and Renu Energy Solutions.

"sonnen is proud to work alongside innovative companies around the country who represent a diverse array of functions across many important industry verticals. Partnerships with integrators, installers and service-providers have always been a crucial part of the sonnen mission," said Blake Richetta, sonnen Senior Vice President and Head of the U.S. Subsidiary. "We've come to value our key partners even more as we expand into new markets, such as Latin America, and pioneer new industry categories, including energy automation. This is an exciting time for sonnen, these partners and the renewable energy sector as a whole, and we are thrilled to recognize others who are working diligently to forward the shared mission of making clean, reliable energy accessible to everyone."

sonnen honored Brilliance Award recipients at ceremonies in September during both the CEDIA Expo and Solar Power International, where the company also announced and showcased the ecoLinx intelligent energy management system and introduced the groundbreaking concept of energy automation.

About sonnen
At sonnen, we believe clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all is one of the greatest challenges of our time. sonnen is a proven global leader in intelligent energy management solutions that provide greater energy control for residential customers through increased solar self-consumption, reduced peak energy usage and reliable backup power during outages - contributing to a cleaner and more reliable energy future. sonnen has won several awards for its energy innovations, including the 2018 CEDIA Best in Show award, 2018 Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in Energy, 2017 Zayed Future Energy Prize, MIT's Technology Review's 50 Smartest Companies in 2016, Global Cleantech 100 for 2015-2017, Greentech Media's 2016 Grid Edge Award for innovation, and Cleantech's 2015 Company of the Year Award in both Israel and Europe.

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