Green Solar Technologies COO Edward Harner Says Company Inspired by Elon Musk

Elon Musk is argued to be one of the greatest minds of our time, not only due to his brilliant and visionary ideas, but also because of his unique and innovative marketing techniques. Like many companies, Green Solar Technologies is inspired by Musk, which is why GST also does things a bit differently.

Musk didnt invent the electric car when he founded Tesla. He did, however, provide a better product and customer experience. So much so, in fact, that Tesla ranks number one in media discussion regarding electric vehicles, even though the actual leader in electric vehicle production is Renault Nissan (which only ranks 11th in media discussion).

Edward Harner, COO of Green Solar Technologies says, "GST is inspired by the personal approach of Teslas consumer relations. Like Tesla, we sell directly to our customers, without enlisting third parties, which in our case would be through the use of telemarketers."

Many solar installation companies tend to use traditional methods of marketing and advertising, like door-to-door selling, telemarketing or advertising by means of print, radio and television. In contrast, GST focuses heavily on digital marketing which they believe is the best way to reach customers everywhere (much like Tesla).

Edward Harner says, "At GST, were aware that were in the digital age. Traditional forms of advertising and marketing just dont cut it the way they did before. This is why we take a different approach not only to our customer acquisition, but with our sales, financing and equipment as well."

As a sales approach, GST prefers contacting potential customers over the phone rather than sending salespeople to their homes. This has proven to be far more efficient for both parties, and customers appreciate that they dont feel ‘put on the spot, as they often do when a salesperson shows up at their doorstep. GST then uses satellite technology to measure a customers roof and access geographic annual weather/sunlight data to optimally size their system.

Regarding financing, Harner notes, "We offer various attractive financing options to ensure that an investment in solar is affordable and doesn't require customers to find their own financing. We also perform all credit checks remotely. There is never a need for a customer to meet with us personally during this process."

GST is also forward-thinking when it comes to their choice of solar equipment. For example, they take into consideration that evaluating a solar installations energy production is important to maintaining optimum performance and that traditional equipment can require a customer to perform on-site checking to gather results. This is why they use state-of-the-art inverters that are capable of remotely reporting energy production panel-by-panel. GST can then monitor a customers system online in real time, so they are alerted whenever irregularities arise allowing us to quickly address any performance issues.

In every phase of GSTs business operations, from initial customer contact, to sales and financing, to system installation and beyond, the employees are guided by Elon Musks example of striving for excellence in customer relations and satisfaction. And like Musk, they are always looking for new ways to innovate and exploit leading edge technology in order to provide outstanding products and service and the best consumer experience. GST believes in the vision of a cleaner, safer future through solar, and that it takes visionary thinking to reach that goal.

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