Natural Power promotes renewable energy to US Congress

Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power was represented by Jim Adams, President of North American operations, at the annual Wind Power on Capitol Hill day in Washington DC, which is coordinated by the America Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

The event is intended to promote the renewable industry to various congressional leaders from across the country. This year there was more than 100 AWEA members in attendance and 250 meetings held with members of US Congress. Jim personally met with five different offices to promote the industry and represent his staff in both Natural Power's Seattle and New York offices.

As the current production tax credit (PTC) policy is phased out during the early 2020s, the wind industry, led by AWEA, is advocating for long term, alternative investment tax credits to keep investment in the industry attractive for new developments.

Jim Adams, President of Natural Power in North America, said: "One of the key results of this event was providing a comprehensive understanding of where our industry is heading in the short to medium term. Some of the highlights include pushing for an investment tax credit for storage, a long-term ITC for offshore wind, a transferable technology-neutral tax credit based on carbon emissions rather than technology specific incentives and supporting an increase in DOE funding for wind energy research to the total of $120 million USD. In general, the feedback was largely positive, and moving forward, it is important that the growing renewable energy industry continues to ensure its voice is heard through local representatives."

Participation in Wind Power on Capitol Hill can make a huge difference in gaining support in Congress to keep American wind power growing.

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