Former Tamar Energy CEO leads biofuel revolution

Renovare Fuels Limited, a UK company that has developed a way of producing a carbon-neutral liquid fuel from biogas, has appointed Dean Hislop as its managing director. Hislop was previously the CEO of Tamar Energy Limited, where he turned around the performance of the anaerobic digestion (AD) and organic waste recycling operator to a sustainable and profitable business, before leading the sale of the company to Ancala Partners LLP in 2018.

Hislop has previously held management and directorial positions at numerous businesses in the energy and natural resource industries, devoting much of the past decade to working with renewable energy companies. This included, prior to Tamar Energy, serving as the chief financial officer of 2Co Energy, a company that developed clean energy from coal through carbon capture and storage technology.

The appointment of Hislop marks the next phase of development for Renovare Fuels, which recently led the first public showcase of its technology at a demo facility in Alliance Dairies in Florida, USA. During the event, the company demonstrated how its unique process can turn biodegradable organic waste, such as that produced on a dairy farm, into a liquid fuel that is chemically similar to traditional petroleum-based diesels and commercial jet fuel.

"Renovare Fuels' technology is unlike anything else currently in use and signals the beginning of a very exciting time for the green energy sector and industries that are producing biodegradable organic waste," Hislop explained. "This technology can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will play a big part in developing a true circular economy. I share in the excitement as I take the helm of the company to oversee its growth."

With Hislop as managing director, the company is aiming to bring its carbon-neutral fuel and process to more businesses across the UK, reducing the country's reliance on unsustainable fuels and foreign subsidies.

"There is no shortage of stories highlighting the pressing need for us to transition to clean energy and, crucially, clean technology," explained Matthew Stone, chairman of Renovare Fuels. "The UK has the potential to lead in the move to cleaner energy sources and production processes, particularly those that use biodegradable feedstock like Renovare Fuels'.

"The UK produces millions of tons of biodegradable waste every year, largely from industries like agriculture and food production. That waste holds the potential to produce billions of litres of carbon-neutral biofuel that could act as a drop-in replacement for diesel, petrol and jet fuel. With Dean's industry expertise and business acumen, we can help businesses reduce emissions and operating costs in a clean, sustainable way."

Renovare Fuels' technology uses a chemical reaction to convert biogas derived from an organic waste recycling process, such as AD, to produce financially viable biodiesel. The technology can be integrated into existing infrastructure at any waste processing site, from landfills and wastewater treatment facilities to farms, making adoption highly cost-effective.

Visit Renovare Fuels' website or call +44 (0) 20 3874 8111 for more information on Renovare Fuels and its carbon-neutral biofuel production process.

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