Insight Solar Teams up with CertainTeed Saint-Gobain to Expand Photovoltaic Solar Solutions

Partnership Puts the Power Back into Consumers’ Hands by Offering an Industry-Leading Solar Warranty Product

Solar energy provider Insight Solar announced today it has partnered with manufacturer CertainTeed to provide a wide range of photovoltaic solar panel solutions for Massachusetts residents.

The partnership will provide a 25-year warranty option for Massachusetts homeowners considering making the switch from traditional, fossil fuel-based power to clean, environmentally friendly solar power. Insight provides solar energy consultation, education and installation and was founded on the premise that the solar industry has taken a "wrong turn" by removing consumer options. Insight helps homeowners determine whether solar is right for their home, educates them on the benefits of net metering and provides contractors with expertise in solar panel placement and installation for maximum savings.

CertainTeed, a subsidiary of Saint Gobain, is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and creates an array of sustainable building products for homeowners, including roofing, siding, fencing, decking, railing, trim, insulation, gypsum and ceilings. Founded in 1904 as the General Roofing Manufacturing Company, the company employs more than 6,300 people across the United States and Canada.

"This partnership will allow Insight Solar to offer our customers a comprehensive warranty backed by a stable, 300-year-old company. We believe our offering offers the highest value in the industry." - Eric Wilson, Owner.

This partnership will help Insight Solar further educate customers on the value of owning vs. leasing solar panels and the benefits of net metering. The concept of net metering employs a one-to-one basis for energy panels whereby homeowners are credited for power they send back to the larger power grid. Often, Insight customers can generate enough energy in a day to offset the electricity they use, resulting in no cost to the consumer. In effect, net metering "makes your electric meter run backwards," according to Insight.

For more information on how to save with solar power vs. costly, inefficient fossil fuel-based methods, contact Insight Solar at or 413-338-7555.

About Insight Solar: Based in Easthampton, Massachusetts, Insight Solar provides consulting and installation of solar energy systems to residential homes throughout Western Massachusetts. The company was founded on the premise that the solar energy industry has taken a wrong turn. Insight believes consumers should have a thorough understanding of their options when it comes to solar energy in their homes - from leases to full ownership of the solar equipment. Insight works to help consumers understand concepts such as net metering and the impact of solar energy on property values.

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