Antaisolar Become New Shareholder of Carport Australia: Cooperation Framework Agreement signed at SNEC 2019

On June 5, Jasmine Huang, President of Antaisolar, and Uwe Rosenkranz, President of R&L Solar Solutions, signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement at SNEC in Shanghai, China. According to the cooperation agreement, Antaisolar will invest in R&L Solar Solutions' sole subsidiary and become the largest shareholder of Carport Australia, to enhance the carport and other industrial and commercial solar mounting system business in Australia and speed up the cooperation in other markets.

R&L Solar Solutions is a consolidated leading group with more than 10 years of experience in development, promotion, design, construction, O&M of PV solar power plants, with its headquarter based in Tokyo, Japan. From being a predominantly Japan focused company in 2009, R&L now also operates across Australia and Taiwan, and continuing its expansion of the business into new markets. The 2.4 GW achievement is based on the excellent integration of German engineering, Japanese project and quality management and Chinese manufacturing. It's a company that can take pride in being socially and environmentally responsible to customers, employees, vendors, and the world at large.

Antaisolar, with 13 years dedication on the new energy field, has committed to providing professional, efficient and comprehensive solar racking solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale. The company owns a complete aluminum profile production chain and high-standard multi-laboratory testing, which makes the products reach the leading level in the same industry, thus improving the stability and investment efficiency of solar plants. Thanks to the steady and stable globalization strategy, Antaisolar has established offices in overseas countries such as Japan, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, becoming the most reliable solar solution provider for global partners.

Antaisolar and R&L have already carried out some cooperation in the early stage. After this signing, it is expected to enter a more comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation. As a company focusing on the aluminum solar racking solution for 13 years, Antaisolar expects to cooperate with international partners through its excellent product quality and comprehensive and efficient service guarantee, and complement each other to expand the layout in the renewable energy field and enhance the international influence.

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Baja's Full Cantilever Carports for Optimal Coverage and Performance

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