Enphase Energized AC Modules Reach Over 500 Solar Contractors in the United States

Enphase Energized AC Modules are built by strategic module partners who integrate Enphase microinverters with PV modules on the manufacturing line.

Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENPH), a global energy technology company and the world's leading supplier of solar microinverters, today announced that more than 500 solar installation companies in the U.S. have benefitted from significantly reduced solar design complexity and logistics by adopting Enphase Energized™ AC Modules (ACMs). Enphase AC Modules, first released in October 2017, are factory-assembled, tested, and sold by Enphase ACM partners, including SunPower, Panasonic, and Solaria.

Enphase Energized AC Modules are built by strategic module partners who integrate Enphase microinverters with PV modules on the manufacturing line. ACMs are tested for performance, reliability, and quality right on the manufacturing line and allow solar installers to offer premium solutions to homeowners. Enphase-based AC Modules also help eliminate the design complexities associated with high-power modules and provide an ideal combination of high-efficiency modules paired with the optimal microinverter. When compared to solar installations using combinations of discrete Enphase microinverters and solar modules, ACMs result in an average 10-20% reduction in logistics and supply chain overhead, and between 20-40% reduction in system installation time, especially for high-wattage systems.
"Switching to AC Modules with Enphase microinverters has been a great business decision for us because we have become more efficient and more competitive," said Thomas Enzendorfer, founder and CEO of American Home Energy. "With multiple AC Module manufacturers to choose from, our customers have a whole lineup of power, performance, and various size options. Modules and power electronics simply belong together, and the 25-year warranty of Enphase Energized AC modules gives homeowners peace of mind."
"The benefits of factory integration of modules and inverters and a single warranty are great, but you need to talk to the installation teams to understand why AC Modules change the game," said Chad Waits, president and owner of Net Zero Solar. "With Enphase AC Modules, there are fewer parts on the trucks and fewer parts to carry up onto the roof, and our customers and installation crews appreciate getting installations done more quickly."
"High-quality Enphase-based ACMs from top-tier solar module suppliers like Solaria allow us to deliver high-performance and visually attractive solar systems to homeowners," said Eric Miller, founder and president of Pac Solar Corporation. "With AC Modules, we have the flexibility to optimize our customers' systems for economics, performance, and aesthetics. The ACMs help us differentiate our offering, and that has contributed to growing the business."
"Our customers want high power, quality, flexibility, and reliability, and Enphase AC Modules deliver all four," said Matt Margolin, CEO of Sunline Energy, Inc. "With Enphase Energized AC Modules, our field teams don't have to transport multiple SKUs to the job sites or assemble multiple components on the roof."
"The success of the AC Module business is a testament to the dedication to quality and reliability by both Enphase and the world's leading solar module manufacturers," said David Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. "We firmly believe that solar is an investment and asset designed to last for decades, and our focus is squarely on providing microinverters that stand the test of time. Enphase-based AC Modules also help our installation partners be more efficient, from the warehouse to the roof, and we are grateful to have so many installers who have embraced them."
AC Modules based on Enphase IQ™ microinverters meet or exceed regulatory requirements set by the National Electrical Code (NEC) and individual states and are certified compliant with NEC 2014 and 2017 rapid shutdown requirements. Unlike string inverters, Enphase IQ microinverters have rapid shutdown built in, with no additional equipment necessary. Enphase IQ microinverters also comply with requirements for distributed solar on utility networks included in Rule 21 in California and Hawaiian Electric Company Rule 14H, such as power factor, voltage, and frequency ride-through requirements.
For more information about Enphase Energized AC Module providers, visit our ACM landing page.
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