ChargePoint Celebrates 100,000 Places to Charge

The World’s Largest EV Charging Network Expands Access With More Commercial and Residential Spots and New Features, Making It Easier Than Ever to Transition to Electric

ChargePoint, the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, today announced that it has surpassed 100,000 places to charge on its global network, which is now expanding at more than 2,000 new charging spots each month. This milestone comes as several new features and integrations become available, helping to enable mass adoption of electric mobility by making charging more accessible and seamless.

"Since day one, the ChargePoint team has created solutions that make it easier for drivers and businesses to go electric with the goal of ensuring that all people and goods are transported on electricity," said Colleen Jansen, Chief Marketing Officer at ChargePoint. "The complete transformation of how drivers, cities and businesses approach mobility is afoot, and we're proud to play a key role in delivering on solutions that will help pave the way to the mass adoption of electric mobility for years to come."

The activation of the 100,000th place to charge marks a significant milestone in the company's history, as it continues to expand geographically and into new lines of business. To continue to deliver on its commitment of making the transition to electric more seamless, the company has introduced new features that will improve the driver experience and continue to show how easy it is to drive an EV.

The ChargePoint team has continued to work to expand access to charging by implementing roaming agreements with other EV charging networks, including Electrify America, EVBox, EVgo, Greenlots, FLO and others in North America and Europe. In North America alone, drivers using the ChargePoint app will have access to nearly 100 percent of public DC fast chargers and more than 80 percent of publicly available level 2 AC stations by the end of 2019. This universal access fundamentally will make driving electric even more seamless than driving a gas-powered vehicle.

Reaching 100,000 places to charge builds on recent momentum at ChargePoint, including:

Waitlist Place in Line: Place in Line builds on the popular Waitlist feature, which lets drivers get in a virtual line to charge when all of the chargers in an area are occupied. Place in Line allows drivers to see their place in line once they've joined a Waitlist. This enhancement empowers drivers with even more information so they can see the progress of the line and plan their day accordingly.
Peer-to-Peer Roaming: ChargePoint's roaming agreement with FLO last year was the first to go live. The roaming integrations with EVgo and EVBox will be fully implemented in the coming months and agreements with other EV charging networks including Electrify America, Greenlots and others to be announced soon are expected to become active later this year.
ChargePoint continues to experience tremendous growth. Each hour, on average...
8 people add tips and photos in the ChargePoint app
40 new followers join ChargePoint on social media
94 drivers search for a place to charge
450 drivers plug into ChargePoint Home in their garage
1,600 drivers plug into a public ChargePoint station
Since 2007, ChargePoint has:

Delivered more than 62,700,000 charges (and counting)
Avoided more than 67,800,000 gallons of gas
Avoided more than 215,800,000 kgs of CO2 emissions
Avoided more than 227,100,000 kgs of greenhouse gas emissions
Enabled drivers to travel more than 1.6 billion electric miles
Seen drivers plug into the ChargePoint network approximately every two seconds
Raised more than a half billion in funding support its geographic and portfolio expansion globally.
This significant moment in ChargePoint's history comes just ahead of National Drive Electric Week (NDEW), the nation's largest collection of regional events celebrating the EV lifestyle for the ever-growing corps of EV drivers. As the nation celebrates NDEW, ChargePoint will make an exciting announcement about its charging portfolio and participate in several regional events around the country.

About ChargePoint

ChargePoint has been committed to making it easy for drivers and businesses to go electric since 2007, with the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network and most complete set of charging solutions available today. From workplaces to fleet, residential to retail, ChargePoint is creating a new fueling network to move all people and goods on electricity. To date, ChargePoint's network has grown to more than 100,000 places to charge with drivers plugging approximately every two seconds while delivering more than 62.7 million charges. Hundreds of thousands of drivers and thousands of businesses and organizations around the world count on ChargePoint. For more information, visit or contact the North American press office at

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