6th Demand Response & DER World Forum 2019 Coming to San Diego

The two-day Forum, October 16-17, will feature in-depth case studies and lessons learned from the field to help attendees gain real-world insight into DR / DER success strategies and best practices

Utilities around the world are under increasing pressure to accommodate energy efficiency, control load, and integrate distributed energy resources such as renewables. These factors plus an urgent need to control greenhouse gasses are driving new requirements for energy resiliency, sustainability, and power quality -- all of which impact the traditional utility business case. For utilities to thrive in this changing market, they must embrace greater network agility and work with customers to maximize value for all stakeholders in the value chain.

To help the industry address these challenges, the 6th Annual Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resources World Forum, October 16-17, 2019 in San Diego (www.drworldforum.com) brings together stakeholders from across the DR / DER industry and internationally to examine the latest technology advances, case studies, and business strategies for optimizing demand response, energy efficiency, DER integration and control, and demand side management programs.

Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the event will help utilities and C&I end users realize the full economic benefits of incorporating these capabilities into their operations, and leveraging the next-generation smart grid to optimize performance.

Confirmed speakers include:

• Courtney Prideaux Smith, Chief Deputy Director, California Energy Commission
• Estela de Llanos, Vice President and Chief Environmental Officer, San Diego Gas & Electric
• Ted Thomas, Chairman, Arkansas Public Service Commission
• Chris Walls, Residential Energy Efficiency Programs Manager, Baltimore Gas and Electric
• Carl Beesaw, Senior Project Manager, Southern California Edison
• Kerinia Cusick, Board President, Center for Renewables Integration
• Clay Collier, Vice President, ChargePoint
• Karen Hsu, Senior Director Utilities, Enel X
• Paul DeCotis, Senior Director, West Monroe Partners
• Bob Stojanovic, Director, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure N.A., ABB
• Dr. Farrokh Rahimi, Senior Vice President, OATI
• Lawrence Goldenhersh, President, Center for Sustainable Energy
• Jason Tucker, P.E., Manager - Project Execution, Smart Grid and Technology, Pepco Holdings
• And many others

Topics to be covered during the two-day Forum include:

• Next-Gen Storage Plus EV Charging and Their Role in Demand Response
• Senior Utility Perspectives on DER Evolution
• The Struggle for DER Control
• FERC DER Aggregation Opportunities for DR and DERs
• How to Scale DR/DER Offerings While Minimizing False Starts
• Thermal Energy Storage as a Key DER Innovation and Asset
• Effectively Engaging Communities in Utility DER Programs
• International Markets and Opportunities
• Serving the Emerging Prosumer: Positioning for Success Going Forward
• Innovations in DERMS Technologies and Applications
• Utility Demand Response Programs for EV Charging
• Transactive Energy and Other Demand Response / DER Advances
• Technology Advances, Case Studies, and Key Lessons Learned to Date
• And more

Additionally, the Forum features a pre-conference Workshop on October 15 on "Mandates for DR and DER Communications in California -- What it Means for Building Controls Vendors, Aggregators and DR/DER Vendors". The workshop will discuss the differences between demand response and distributed energy resources from regulatory, technology, operational and business perspectives. We will look at different models for deploying communications to DR and DER and then summarize the requirements ofCA Rule 21 and Title 24 for communications.

The event will be held at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center at San Diego State University.

For full information and to register, visit http://drworldforum.com/.

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