SmartFlower Solar Unveils the Smartflower +Plus Integrated Battery Storage System, at Solar Power International

The new integrated battery storage system from SmartFlower Solar, the Smartflower +Plus, will be debuting at Solar Power International today.

SmartFlower Solar will be debuting their new integrated battery storage system, the Smartflower +Plus, today at Solar Power International (SPI) in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Smartflower +Plus will be available for reservation at booths #L109 and #2919 at SPI from September 24th to September 26th. SmartFlower Solar has partnered with NEC Energy Solutions, who will be supplying the batteries for the Smartflower +Plus. With battery storage being a major area of growth for the clean energy industry, SmartFlower will be able to continuously provide customers with the ability to produce and store clean, reliable energy whether they're on or off the grid.

SmartFlower Solar's CEO, Jim Gordon, remarked, "Solar companies and installers will now be able to provide the industry's most intelligent and attractive dual-axis solar tracking and energy storage system to their customers. With the demand for solar and energy storage rising, the ease of installation of the Smartflower +Plus will be a game changer for the industry."

The Smartflower +Plus is a self-contained solar energy system with 5.5 kWh of battery storage and is fully integrated. The inverter for the Smartflower +Plus can work in both on- and off-the-grid situations, has an external generator input, and has a built-in internal transfer switch that will provide safe integration for grid-connected applications. SmartFlower is excited to be partnering with NEC Energy Solutions to provide a new way for customers to produce clean, renewable energy.

The batteries from NEC Energy Solutions provide strong performance and life across temperature extremes (from -40°C to +60°C) and will offer up to twice the usable energy. They also have 50 times greater cycle life and have charging times that are 100 times faster than typical lead-acid batteries.

"NEC is very pleased to engage in this partnership with SmartFlower. Jim Gordon and his team continue to push innovation combining state of the art solar and proven storage technology in the Smartflower +Plus," said Steve Fludder, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions. "NEC has experience integrating renewable energy across several continents using many differing architectures and we are bringing our expertise to this important product utilizing our commercial line of lithium-ion battery products."

Imagine generating clean, renewable energy without worrying about running out of power. The Smartflower +Plus is the perfect product for off-the-grid usage, with the clean solar energy produced during the day being stored in batteries for future use. Need more power at night? Worried about the power going out? The Smartflower +Plus is the answer.

Attending SPI? Go to booths #L109 and #2919 at SPI to speak to one of our SmartFlower representatives. Not attending SPI? Go to to reserve your Smartflower +Plus.

About SmartFlower Solar

SmartFlower Solar is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and manufactures and markets the revolutionary and patented Smartflower solar energy system. The products platform consists of the Smartflower, Smartflower Plus - which has an integrated battery storage component - and the Smartflower EV which is a solar powered electric vehicle charger. The company sells its products globally to a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional energy users searching for iconic design and optimal solar and energy storage solutions. Learn more at

About NEC Energy Solutions

NEC Energy Solutions designs, manufactures, and integrates smart energy storage solutions for the electric grid, behind the meter, and critical power applications. Its scalable distributed energy storage and control systems provide greater grid stability and flexibility to the benefit of both providers and users of electricity. In telecom, datacenter, and other industrial applications, its high performance lithium-ion battery systems provide better value than traditional lead-acid batteries in tough, critical power applications. Learn more at

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