CATL's Energy Storage Systems Solutions Show Strong Momentum Following U.S. Debut at Solar Power International 2019

Pipeline of Potential Partnerships Supported by Unique Category Leadership & Commitment to Powering Sustainable Growth Globally

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), the world's leading battery manufacturer, made a successful U.S. debut at Solar Power International 2019 (SPI), underscoring its leadership in battery innovation and safety through technologies core with the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry system, building new partnerships to fuel its market penetration worldwide, and sharing its vision for greater sustainable development driven by the energy sector.

The annual trade conference, attended by leading renewable energy players in North America and the world, saw CATL showcase multiple examples of its product lines, including the latest generation of cell and rack solutions, which are offering up to 20 years of service life, as well as residential energy storage system that fits various sizes of storage. CATL's presence at SPI 2019 also reinforced its commitment to powering a sustainable energy future. The company's ESS solutions and other innovative battery technologies offer critical scaling of electrification and renewable energy, and ensure a reliable supply of energy needed to power societies and industries while reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This support is backed by CATL's commitment to building partnerships with solar and wind-energy providers as well as other industry visionaries who share this goal.

Having established its battery technologies, including ESS, as some of the world's leading global energy solutions in terms of their long battery life, environmental adaptation, high system energy density and safety, CATL is looking to further advance its offerings by developing tailored battery systems for ESS that enable greater temperature consistency within cells and more precise and stable control over system temperatures. This new generation of energy solutions, set to be introduced to the market in 2020, will offer a higher volumetric energy density and lower energy consumption across various categories of ESS applications.

"ESS market has been a strategic area for our company since day one. But it was not until now that the market was ripe for development, as an increasing number of solar and wind-energy production plans require these solutions to increase their storage capacity and utilization," Tan Libin, President for the Energy Storage Business Unit of CATL said. "Industries around the world are also recognizing the sense of urgency in transitioning to clean, sustainable energy sources. And CATL is playing a major role in this shift. We already have universal recognition in the electric vehicle (EV) industry though our innovative technology, high product quality and comprehensive solutions, and we expect these strengths to assist us in any industry leveraging ESS."

Since expanding into three new regions earlier this year, including Europe, North Asia (Japan and Korea) and Australia, CATL has been increasingly focused on large-scale projects for power generation, transmission and distribution in the U.S. - an energy storage market likely to almost double by the end of 2019. This presents a major opportunity for CATL and its partners to build upon its current leadership within ESS ecosystems across United States, Europe, Asia and its home market, China.

Exhibiting at SPI 2019 opens up exciting opportunities for the company to reinforce to its commitment to the ESS market globally and work with the best in the industry to further develop and apply ESS solutions in the world. The annual trade event brings together international ESS players who are driving new innovations for the future clean and sustainable.

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