Renewables on the Rise: RES Closes the Decade on a High

14 Gigawatts of New Renewable Energy Capacity Added Over the Past Decade

In a decade defined by the rise of renewables, the world's largest independent renewable energy company, RES (Renewable Energy Systems), announced it has developed and/or constructed 14 GWs over the last ten years. That is enough to power all of the world's mobile phones for a year and is the equivalent of offsetting 16 million tons of CO2 annually.

"The past decade of incredible growth has repositioned renewables as mainstream and key to tackling global warming" said Ivor Catto, CEO for RES. "In the last ten years, RES has consolidated its position as a global renewable energy company operating across ten countries. We are thrilled to see so many others join us in the quest to tackle the climate emergency by transforming the way in which we power our economies."

2019 was a record year for RES with 4.2 GW of developed and/or constructed projects across the globe. When operational, these projects will provide low cost power to support the increasingly electrified transport, businesses and homes while offsetting 5.4 million tons of carbon annually. Market leading projects and innovations in 2019 include:
• Constructing America's largest bifacial solar farm
• Starting construction of RES' first subsidyfree wind farm in the UK
• Boosting performance by 12% for 100MW solar portfolio
• Realizing 1% better than industry standard performance on managed assets
• Reaching over 1,500 MW in power purchase agreements, including the first utilityscale corporate PPA in Canada
• Celebrating a 20th year anniversary for RES in France and consent for a first storage project
• In Australia, RES received consent for over 2 GW of renewable energy projects
• RES was awarded 2019 Project of the Year for Reading Wind, USA

In the past decade, renewables have become widely accepted as the lowest cost of energy generation with the levelized cost of electricity for solar and wind continuing to decrease significantly. RES predicts the push for renewable energy in the 2020's will be stronger than ever and is poised to meet growing demand.

About RES
RES (Renewable Energy Systems) is the world's largest independent renewable energy company active in onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission and distribution. At the forefront of the industry for over 38 years, RES has delivered more than 17 GW of renewable energy projects across the globe and supports an operational asset portfolio of 5.5 GW worldwide for a large client base. Understanding the unique needs of corporate clients, RES has secured over 1.5 GWs of power purchase agreements (PPAs) enabling access to energy at the lowest cost. RES employs more than 2,000 people and is active in 10 countries.

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