Top Wind Power Producers Choose Pandell Software

AWEA report reveals 20% of the biggest power-producing wind energy companies in the U.S. use Pandell’s integrated LandWorks & GIS software to gain operational efficiency.

The American Wind Energy Association's 2019 Annual Report reveals five of the 25 biggest players in the U.S. renewable energy industry use Pandell software to manage their lease, land, and royalty obligations.

The report identifies companies holding the largest cumulative capacity ownership market share in the United States. Of these wind power leaders, 20% have adopted Pandell LandWorks land management software and Pandell GIS software to manage and analyze their land assets in real time.

"It's great to see so many of our clients achieving success in growing their wind power operations," says Greg Chudiak, Pandell's President and CEO. "We're excited to get behind them as they continue to gain market share in the global production for renewable energy."

Wind energy has become a powerful contributor to America's electricity mix and continues to push new frontiers. Last year, 191 wind projects commenced across 33 states, representing $62 billion worth of investments. When these wind farms are completed, they will generate enough electricity to power another 15 million homes.

However, with the rapid expansion of wind power, the industry has had to address challenges in calculating and paying complex royalties, managing large volumes of data, scrutinizing it on multiple levels, and utilizing it to ultimately drive operational efficiency. That's where Pandell software comes in. Using real-time workflow tools and integrated GIS mapping technology, wind energy companies can extract meaningful data insights from hundreds of leases, easements, and power purchase agreements, without investing in technical staff.

An experienced Land Manager working for the past six years at one of the reported top producing wind energy companies says, "We used to use spreadsheets to manage our land data but it was difficult to meet obligations and scale up as our operations grew. Since moving to Pandell's purpose-built land and GIS systems, we've automated royalty payment obligations, eliminated redundant processes, and can view the status of our projects on a map from beginning to end. It was a significant step forward."

Pandell continuously consults with companies of all sizes from small wind farm operators to large offshore wind energy projects, to identify new and ongoing business challenges. "We don't just sell a wind company a static software product and then disappear," says Laura Holt, Director of Land Products in Pandell's Houston office. "By supplying our software as an evolving and ongoing service, we keep dialog open with industry experts and work collaboratively to determine a roadmap for improvement and innovation."

Request a free demo of Pandell's Renewable Energy Software by contacting our sales team at, 1-855-PANDELL (toll free), or 713-334-3030 (direct).

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