SMA Smart Connected Is Now Available in Canada

Solar system monitoring: State-of-the-art technology expands activation window and availability

Detect and evaluate events in solar systems automatically and inititate remediation or repair activities: SMA Smart Connected the proactive service package from SMA Solar Technology AG, originally launched in 2017, has since grown in popularity and demand. Customers in Canada can now access all the benefits of Smart Connected, which is available with SMA's Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower CORE1 home and business inverter solutions.

The automated SMA Service monitoring is especially valuable to installers who have multiple sites to monitor. Another new benefit is the expansion of the activation window. In the past, customers had three months after system registration on Sunny Portal to activate Smart Connected. Now the activation period is two years, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

"We are very happy to announce that our customers in Canada now have access to the automated SMA service monitoring, too", said Nick Morbach, executive vice president of SMA's Home & Business Unit. "There has been a continuous stream of requests for expansion of the program as long as we have had it in the United States," said Nick Morbach, executive vice president of SMA's Home & Business Unit.

This groundbreaking solution decreases truck rolls, lengthy service calls and system downtime, saving installers time and money, and maximizing system owners' power production. SMA Smart Connected is activated via Sunny Portal, the world's largest PV monitoring database. Once operating, SMA Smart Connected will always actively monitor a system through Sunny Portal's intelligent monitoring technology.

In this Tech Tip video, SMA America Solar Academy Technical Trainer Mike Mahon details how Smart Connected works and how to activate automatic inverter monitoring.

Offering quick and accurate diagnosis, this innovative solution automatically detects system problems and errors—sometimes even before a system owner recognizes the issue—and notifies the installer of any actions needed. In the rare event that an inverter needs to be replaced, SMA Smart Connected will automatically initiate the repair and replacement process.

Rather than having to call for support or roll a truck to the system site, installers will have proactive contact with SMA through Smart Connected. This will help inform and prepare an installer when it comes time to interact with the homeowner, resulting in a positive experience for everyone involved.

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