Enphase Energy Partners with DMEGC Solar Energy on High-Efficiency AC Modules in Europe

The Mono PERC Black Enphase Energized ACM in Europe features Enphase IQ 7™ and IQ 7+™ microinverters. Incorporating advanced mono PERC half-cut cell technology, the DMEGC Black ACM produces outstanding yields due to power classes of up to 340 Wp and efficiencies of up to 20.15%.

Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy management technology company and the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar-plus-storage systems, today announced a strategic partnership with DMEGC Solar Energy, a vertically integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products from poly silicon to modules, to develop high-efficiency Enphase Energized™ AC modules (ACM) for the European residential solar market. These ACMs are currently available in France and the Netherlands.

The Mono PERC Black Enphase Energized ACM in Europe features Enphase IQ 7™ and IQ 7+™ microinverters. Incorporating advanced mono PERC half-cut cell technology, the DMEGC Black ACM produces outstanding yields due to power classes of up to 340 Wp and efficiencies of up to 20.15%. The ACM also offers best-in-class quality manufacturing according to international quality standards and 100% EL testing performed twice during production. The Mono PERC DMEGC ACM enables installers to be more competitive through improved capital management, reduced labor costs, improved SKU management with accelerated design, and faster installation times.
"We see a promising future for our partnership with Enphase Energy in European countries, particular in countries like France and the Netherlands, where quality, innovation and aesthetics are key for residential PV solutions," said Erik Das, sales director at DMEGC Solar Europe. "Enphase Energized AC modules offer remote monitoring, rapid shutdown, quality design, and simple installation. Their lower maintenance costs and high safety features are much appreciated in our competitive solar markets."
The seventh-generation Enphase IQ™ microinverter system leverages Enphase's unique software-defined architecture and semiconductor integration for excellent reliability and economies of scale. Enphase microinverters are subjected to a rigorous reliability and quality testing regimen with more than an aggregated one million hours of cumulative power-on testing to ensure exceptional performance under heat, high humidity, salty air, and extreme cold. The Company's microinverters are designed to be long-lived energy assets and are backed by a 25-year limited warranty.
"Our experience with installing the DMEGC ACM has been very positive, as we have benefitted from the product's fewer components and ease of installation," said Janneke vd. Kerkhoff, owner at Goforsunpower, the Netherlands. "We are pleased to know the ACM is powered by Enphase microinverters, which are designed to be safe, reliable and future-proof."
Enphase Energized AC modules from DMEGC Solar Energy work seamlessly with Enphase IQ accessory products: the lighter two-wire Enphase Q Cable™, Enphase Envoy-S™ gateway and Enphase Envoy-S metered gateway with split core current transformers (CTs) for production and consumption monitoring. Solar installers who select the Mono PERC ACM can monitor their solar fleets remotely using the powerful cloud-based Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring system, and rely on the Enphase support team to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
"Our partnership with DMEGC Solar Energy is another validation of the high-efficiency AC module concept and Enphase microinverter technology for the European solar market," said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. "We are pleased to join forces with such a high-quality AC module manufacturer in Europe, where Enphase microinverters continue to have broad appeal for both solar installers and homeowners."
For more information about the Enphase Energized AC Modules from DMEGC, visit the Enphase Energy website.

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