AMDA energía Selects Ideematec to Supply Solar Tracking Systems for 100MW Agri-PV Project Portfolio

Global provider to tailor equipment and design to support agricultural land quality

WALLERFING, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ideematec Inc., the leading global supplier of solar tracking systems, today announced it was selected by project developer AMDA energía (AMDA) to provide customized solar tracking systems for a 100 megawatt (MW) agro photovoltaics (Agri-PV) project portfolio located in France. The innovative systems will deliver synergistic solutions for the production of organic food crops and clean electricity generation all while providing soil protection and water savings, helping farmers to move towards a low-emissions smart farming labelling.

The 100 MW portfolio will be composed of multiple 5 MW projects and will meet specific requirements for proper construction on agricultural land in accordance with local regulations.

Ideematec's engineering team has modified and optimized the Horizon L:TEC tracker model by adjusting the axis heights of the tracker and maximizing the rotation angle for the module to +/- 70 degrees, allowing the trackers to operate synergistically with agricultural equipment. Ideematec also designed an Agri-PV-specific control and agronomic-orientated monitoring system to improve crop production, land quality and address specific needs of each Agri-PV project site.

"Agri-PV projects require flexibility in both the hardware and installation to protect the integrity of the land and ensure that agricultural practices can operate effectively, while harnessing the benefits of clean energy," said Jorge Gutiérrez Serra, President for AMDA. "We are confident that Ideematec's durable and customizable solar trackers will fit the needs of an innovative energy system optimized for highly profitable agricultural production for years to come."

"Our two-in-portrait (2P) module wings, equipped with bifacial modules, allow us to space module rows to support efficient agricultural operations, such as moving large vehicles between module rows, or monitoring sites for agricultural variables to increase generation efficiency," says Mario Eckl, Co Founder & CEO Ideematec. "These innovations allow our trackers to provide reliable clean energy to projects at scale, without disturbing the local environment or quality of land. The Agri-PV sector is poised for tremendous growth and we are eager to support agricultural-friendly solutions."

Agricultural-friendly utility-scale solar solutions are growing in popularity in Europe, and Ideematec expects that trend to erupt in both the North American and APAC markets in the coming years, as rural communities find ways to support scaled renewable energy deployment and generate multiple sources of revenue with agricultural lands.

About Ideematec, Inc.

Ideematec, Inc. is a trusted global supplier of solar tracking systems, headquartered in Germany. Established in 2003, the company serves as a pure play tracker provider for the utility-scale sector. Ideematec pioneered the 2P high-span safeTrack Horizon™ tracker, powered by a patented dual drive technology. Since 2017, the company has successfully delivered some of the biggest solar facilities on three continents, including Jordan (250 MW), Australia (350 MW) and Spain (200 MW). For more information please visit:

About AMDA energía

AMDA energía is an international global developer focused on the promotion, development and funding of renewable energy generation projects around the world with proven track record in both photovoltaic and wind sectors having developed more than 30 projects in on 3 different continents since it was created in 2008 (Spain, Portugal, France, South Africa, Mozambique, Tunisia, Colombia, Mexico). Thanks to its experienced staff, the core activities cover the complete process of development of a large-scale renewable energy project.

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