JMV is Offering Maintenance Free Earthing System that is One Stop Solution for Complete Electrical Safety

JMV LPS Limited is introducing a spectacular maintenance free earthing solution to left all your worries of Earthing shelf life and Performance behind.

In today's date, all the national & international standards are now recommending the use of Maintenance Free Earthing System in place of your traditionally used Earthing Practices like Plate Earthing, Pipe Earthing with Salt & Charcoal. As per latest studies, the Maintenance free earthing system is the best substitute of your conventional earthing methods.

As per IS 3043: 2018, IEEE 80:2013, NBC:2016, this maintenance free earthing comprises of a Copper Bonded Steel Rod in place of your Cu/GI plate or pipe earth electrode along with carbon based Earth Enhancement Compound to boost up the conductivity of the soil and to offer better earth resistance values in higher soil resistivity areas.

The copper bonded rods are manufactured & tested as per UL 467 & IEC 62561-2:2018. As per UL 467, the 99.99% pure copper coating of minimum 250 microns is molecularly bonded over steel. Only the UL listed Copper Bonded Steel Rods are to be selected for the installation purposes in order to achieve best shelf life of earthing conductor. These UL listed rods are also CPRI tested at the recommended fault current carrying capacity of the rod along with its environmental tests & quality tests as per IEC 62561-2 & UL 467 respectively. JMV has the maximum number of UL listed Copper Bonded Rods from 12.8 mm diameter to 38 mm diameter at different fault carrying capacity.

After the earthing conductor, it is the Earth Enhancement Compound/Ground Enhancement Material which is making the maintenance free solution completely maintenance free. The JMV's EEC "JAM LITE'' is chemically inert in nature and is free from bentonite clay. As per IS 3043: 2018 & IEEE 80:2013, the compound is having its resistivity of less than 0.12 ohm-meter and is tested at the same resistivity by NABL accredited lab in compliance of IEC 62561-7:2018. This compound is very much conductive in its dry form making it capable to provide results in the extreme site conditions.
The number of earthing rods required achieving less than 1 ohm resistance and the size of the rod will depend upon the soil resistivity of location and the fault current calculation of the system.

About Company: JMV LPS LIMITED is a Make in India Organization having multiple manufacturing units in Delhi-NCR. We are the leading manufacturer & OEM in the field of Earthing, Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection devices & Plastic Cable Ducts. The company's continuous growth is based on our regular devotion to our work with our best design-optimization, value engineering, design validation services, innovation & experience as well as highest quality standards. Indian Manufacturing, consistent customer & market orientation throughout the world.

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