PowerMarket Selected by Ulster County, NY to Offer Community Solar to County Residents and Businesses

PowerMarket was selected by Ulster County to support their county-wide Solarize Ulster program.

May 4, 2021

Ulster County, New York

PowerMarket, an industry-leader in community solar management services, has been selected by Ulster County, NY to bring community solar to their county-wide Solarize Ulster program.

Solarize Ulster is part of the county's larger Green New Deal plan. Within this initiative are a number of goals including having the county reach 100% renewable electricity by 2040.

"The Solarize Ulster campaign is a great way for County residents to take action and support the County's Green New Deal. Community solar is a win-win for electricity customers: you can support the development of local clean energy projects and receive guaranteed savings on your electricity bills. Ulster County government has already subscribed many of its accounts to community solar projects; we are thrilled to work with trusted partners like PowerMarket to offer these benefits to County residents as well." - Nick Hvozda, Deputy Director, Ulster County Department of the Environment

Community solar makes renewable energy accessible to more people as it only requires a simple sign up to take part. No cost to join, no penalty or fee to cancel, and no installations are required. That's why the County has turned to PowerMarket who has been successfully bringing community solar to thousands of people nation-wide, including in its home state of New York.

"We are proud to have been selected to support Ulster County's noble initiative. Making clean energy more accessible to more people is what we do best. And, we are excited to bring the benefits of community solar to residents, businesses, and the county itself, to create stronger and more resilient communities." - Danielle Burns, Operations Director at PowerMarket

Through PowerMarket's numerous community solar projects in Central Hudson and NYSEG utility territories, Ulster residents can choose a community solar project in the local area. By simply signing up on PowerMarket's online marketplace, residents can claim a portion of a large solar array. The clean energy produced by their portion of the project will appear on their electricity bill as community solar credits - saving them money every month.

Ulster County residents who would like to take part in supporting their community through this renewable energy initiative can do so on PowerMarket's marketplace. Simply sign up and once the community solar project starts producing clean energy, subscribers will begin to receive guaranteed savings on their electricity bills every month. Please contact PowerMarket at 845-533-1557 or info@powermarket.io for more information or with any questions.

Solarize Ulster is an initiative of Ulster County's Green New Deal. PowerMarket is one of three community solar providers endorsed by Ulster County to offer subscriptions during the Solarize Ulster campaign. PowerMarket will donate $100 to the County's Green New Deal fund for each subscription received during the Campaign. For more information on the campaign and the participating partners, please visit the County's Solarize Ulster web page at www.solarizeulster.org

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