New guide shows 9 Practical Ways to Deliver Carbon Reduction

Centrica Business Solutions has published a free new guide that sets out 9 practical and cost effective actions organisations can take to reduce carbon emissions.

The carbon reduction guide cuts through the net zero noise to focus on simple, proven energy solutions that can help businesses improve environmental performance and save money.

"Decarbonising your operations and embedding sustainability at the heart of your company is the most important step you can take to tackle climate change", said Ian Hopkins of Centrica Business Solutions.

"The good news is that going green also makes great financial sense. By taking action now, organisations can get ahead of climate regulation and protect themselves from higher future energy and carbon prices."

The report explains the steps organisations can take to transform their energy performance and deliver on their sustainable energy goals, including:

• Measuring and base lining carbon emissions
• Delivering fast, cost-effective, carbon emissions reduction
• Driving ultra energy efficiency with data
• Gaining access to 100% renewable energy supply to save money
• Switching to an electric vehicle fleet
• Converting on-site energy assets into additional revenue
• Reducing the carbon intensity of heating and cooling
• De-risking businesses from future carbon and energy costs
• Delivering complex integrated energy projects via OPEX savings

Centrica Business Solutions partners with organisations across all sectors to help implement, finance and manage integrated decarbonisation projects across power, heat and transport.

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