E.ON partners with Vestel to expand its EV charger portfolio

The new partnership will see E.ON build upon its European portfolio of EV chargers with user-friendly models from multi-sector technology company, Vestel. As a first step, the Vestel-designed EV chargers are being initially rolled out to Germany.

E.ON has partnered with technology company, Vestel, to bring ultra-convenient EV charging to more drivers across Europe. The new partnership will see E.ON build upon its portfolio of EV chargers with the introduction of sleek, and user-friendly models from Vestel. A multi-sector pioneer of sustainable technology solutions, Vestel has become a driving force in electromobility, bringing an extra competitive advantage to the EV charging market with its award-winning range of EV home chargers and DC fast chargers.

Marking the first step in this partnership, the Vestel-made EV home chargers are being initially rolled out to Germany as part of a new E.ON cooperation with the ADAC SE, Germany's largest automobile club.

Highly reliable, the Vestel-made range is smart and networked, encompassing well-engineered entry level designs as well as powerful step-up models. The range's compatibility with the intuitive E.ON Drive App also means that E.ON customers will have seamless and effortless control of their charging, as usual. By using the E.ON Drive App, E.ON customers can charge en route at more than 30,000 charging points throughout Germany, and control their E.ON EV home chargers.

"We are pleased to have found a partner like Vestel who supports us in fulfilling the high customer demand for e-mobility solutions with well-engineered and attractively designed hardware," says Mathias Wiecher, Vice President E-Mobility at E.ON. "We were particularly impressed by the many years of expertise that Vestel has and by its comprehensive EV charger portfolio. Together we will bring even more sustainable mobility to German roads. "

Turan Erdoğan, Chief Executive Officer at Vestel adds: "Perfectly aligned with our commitment to drive sustainable innovation, this collaboration is another valuable opportunity for us to boost the mainstream roll-out of electric vehicle chargers. Our vast manufacturing scale and R&D expertise, as well as our flexibility and agility enable us to deliver exceptional value, high performance products. With our world-class manufacturing complex so close to Europe, we can also ensure greater speed-to-market, providing the fast product turnaround times required to stay ahead of the latest EV charger trends."

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