Edo: Powering an Energy Evolution

Today marks the official launch of Edo, a startup born from the knowledge and experience of McKinstry and Avista. A combined 200 years of utility and built environment experience have inspired Edo's ability to drive building-to-grid integration and transform grid operations. This new company provides the tools and services needed to transform how buildings consume, produce and share energy.

SEATTLE (Sept. 8, 2021) - Edo, a startup seeking to transform the energy world by opening the communication and information pathways from power generation to consumption, launches to enable buildings and utilities to collaborate on grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs). Edo combines technical tools and support services into one end-to-end ecosystem that builds new revenue streams for utilities, building owners/operators, and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over the next two decades, national adoption of GEBs could be worth between $100-200 billion in U.S. electric power system cost savings. By reducing and shifting the timing of electricity consumption, GEBs could decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 80 million metric tons per year by 2030, the equivalent of more than 200 million miles driven by the average passenger vehicle.

"We wake up every day thinking about what needs to be done to unlock the promise of GEBs," said Hendrik Van Hemert, Managing Director of Edo. "We're reimagining the way buildings can participate in the grid to drive carbon out of the built environment and the grid, in a way that's equitable for everyone."

Leveraging the expertise and technology of McKinstry, a national construction and energy services firm, and Avista Corp., an innovation leader in the production, transmission and distribution of energy, Edo is backed by more than 200 years of intellectual property and experienced staff. Through a partnership model, Edo guides utilities, building owner/operators and AEC firms through the uncertainties about GEBs to find solutions with real value to customers and the grid.

Among Edo's first successful projects is the South Landing EcoDistrict in Spokane, Wash. The project includes the Catalyst building, one of the largest and most innovative zero-carbon and zero-energy buildings in North America, and the Scott Morris Center for Energy Innovation. The EcoDistrict is empowered and incentivized to drive down operational costs — breaking through the traditional utility-customer (meter) and landlord-tenant (lease) barriers. Edo aggregates and controls the entire campus electric consumption and balances it against the needs of both the development and the grid.

Edo offers customers an "Edosystem" of services including:
- Grid Integration
- Building Portfolio & Utility Management
- Customer Engagement
- Education and Training
- 24/7 Operational Support
- Data Analytics and Modeling

To learn more about Edo, visit the website or contact a representative at info@edoenergy.com.

About Edo
Edo is transforming the energy world by helping to lead the transition to grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs). Leveraging the expertise and technology of McKinstry, a national construction and energy services firm, and Avista, an innovation leader in the production, transmission and distribution of energy, Edo is a startup backed by more than 200 years of experience. Edo works in partnership with building owner/operators, utilities, and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms, providing technical tools and support services to drive new solutions and revenue streams.

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